Airbnb -The Skinny

Airbnb-The Skinny
Airbnb is known as an online marketplace which is very helpful for people to lend out their home space to guests.

Airbnb is a San Francisco based American company that gives opportunity to people so that can list, search, and rent lodging for short term in more than 65,000 cities and 191 countries all around the globe.


Airbnb is known as an online marketplace which is very helpful for people to lend out their home space to guests. Airbnb charges 3% commission of every booking from the host party, and also charge 6-12% from guest party who is acquiring the home of host party. AirBnb gives an option to search a home: from a joint room to a complete house, to search a swimming pool facility to have a washing machine facility. There are pictures of the property along with the guests or hosts, with complete listing on map.


Airbnb has made some rules and hosts should meet these basic requirements that they should provide necessary facilities like soap, toilet paper, bedsheets and towel and pillow. They should be responsive and should maintain a good rating. People like Airbnb for many reasons but mainly financial ones and people who want to hire a property get accommodation according to their budget and on Airbnb guest are able to get huge range of price options, from a few dollars per night to hundreds as per budget and frequently in main locations of a city where a standard hotel would cost guests definitely much more.

Airbnb is not useful for guests only but it is also a good option for hosts to raise their income and if they list their property for seven days per month so on average they will be able to earn 7,338 dollars annually i.e. around 15% rise in pay for an average full-time employee on job. The other benefits include financial momentum though: lots of guests like living as locals and getting recommendations regarding restaurants and shopping from people already informed, whereas numerous hosts only enjoy meeting different people and enjoy company of new people in their home.

Guest House

Airbnb is very easy to use and it is easier to find the desired accommodation once the guest have sign up a verified profile, also they can link social media. Guest can send a message to the host as well as also book immediately, or propose a request for booking later. Hosts are obliged show the available dates – and should keep their profiles up-to-date and they will notify guest of what facilities they are offering like hairdryers or towels. It is not recommend if a person is travelling through though – lots of people do not take bookings for only one night.

There are not any hidden charges but lots of hosts will add some extra charges if a guest wants cleaning of their room but these extra charges are made obvious when guest book their property. Usually there is no reception so once the guest has booked the property the host will usually arrange when and where to meet, that is convenient to both parties. The meeting place could be the property itself, or it the guest is unable to find so they can meet at a main location and go together from there to the property.

The guests usually worried about how they can trust the host? And hosts are worried about how they can trust the guest? So for this Airbnb allows guests as well as hosts to leave honest reviews about each other plus both parties can leave a review only after leaving the property. Furthermore there is also a Verified Identification system which verifies identities of people by matching them with their social media profile as well as other offline documents for example photo ID scanning.

Host Charges

Some guests have left the reviews that property is not like what is said so there is always the risk when a person buys or books things online, the things and properties are not seems to be same in pictures. The question arises for most of guest is that how will they pay so the answer is that guests should make payment before living and through a safe platform as well as hosts will get the amount after 24 hours of check in. Airbnb offers a 24-hour customer service for guests and hosts too, and customers can discuss if any problem or mishap occurred.

So, Visit Airbnb and make bookings with full trust!