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Andy Jacob’s Scottsdale Angels Announces Search for Arizona Startups

Andy Jacob, Angel investor and CEO of Scottsdale Angels, announced that he’s seeking new startups to mentor and fund.

“We are actively seeking Arizona’s best startups”

said Jacob

“It is our goal to provide critical business connections, provide hands-on practical mentoring, provide help in building out the management team, and eventually helping to raise additional venture capital funding.”

Business Startups

Scottsdale Angels is a well-known group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in startups that have mentored a wide variety of successful projects in multiple industries. Jacob is offering free consultations to individuals about their startup and all information is maintained in the strictest confidence.


The organization is currently seeking to fund startups throughout Arizona in nine key arenas encompassing hardware/software, digital media, social media, food, financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, clean tech and life sciences.


There are millions of innovative ideas, potentially ground-breaking projects, and must-have products each year that never make it out of the thought stage due to a lack of expertise, guidance and resources. Many simply fail to believe in themselves. Andy Jacob’s Scottsdale Angels works with a diverse array of individuals on commercialization opportunities for a variety of projects.

Scottsdale Angels provide entrepreneurs with the critical business connections needed for success, along with practical and hands-on mentoring. The organization aids in building a superior management team and assists with raising venture capital funding to see projects through to completion.


The organization’s professionals attend multiple types of conferences, networking, competitions, and venture capital events. Relationships with major colleges and universities provide access to opportunities and expertise for analyzing and evaluating potential investments.

The search for viable, marketable products and services by Andy Jacob’s Scottsdale Angels provides entrepreneurs with unique opportunities in a diverse array of fields and industries. The organization offers free consultations and the expertise of startup professionals in multiple arenas to help entrepreneurs with guidance critical for success and to obtain venture capital to realize their dreams.

Startup Professionals

About Andy Jacob

Andy Jacob is the CEO of Scottsdale Angels. He has more than 20 years of successful business building expertise and specializes in building better, stronger and faster companies. He’s been featured in national print and broadcast media, is a financial and business expert for multiple media outlets and the author of “The Startup Quiz.”

Media Contact

Andy Jacobs

Email: fund@scottsdaleangels.com

Website: www.scottsdaleangels.com


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