Business Consultant, Andy Jacob, Announces Release of the Sales Bible in Late 2019

Business Consultant, Andy Jacob, Announces Release of the Sales Bible in Late 2019
Andy Jacob, CEO of Jacob Consulting Group, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning business consultant.

Andy Jacob, CEO of Jacob Consulting Group, announced that heís currently working on his newest endeavor, the Sales Bible, that he expects to release by the end of 2019. The internationally acclaimed and award-winning business consultant is an industry leader and noted that many of todayís sales professionals are ignoring basic rules that dramatically affect their sales.

Professionals Rules

The publication will represent the largest book for sales ever written, with over 500 pages of tips, tricks and skills, along with practical, common sense information that will help anyone is the sales industry improve their image, reputation and profits. He addresses the Internetís effect on sales and marketing and how many individuals donít fully understand the limitless possibilities it presents.

Social media has become the new word-of-mouth advertising and a few less than glowing reviews or comments will have a negative impact on the individual, no matter how efficient, personable or competent he or she may be. Salespeople in any industry must know how to make a good first impression, build their brand and manage their online reputation.

Advertising through Social Media

Jacob also addresses topics that many individuals forget in the rush to meet the increasing demand for their services. He discusses why personal hygiene is especially important in sales, the importance of a smile, and why itís essential to remember the names of clients.

Every sale depends on clear and concise communication. Jacob explores why salespeople should limit the use of industry jargon and terms that clients donít understand, and why salespeople ignore the rule at their own risk.

Readers will learn how to create strong relationships with clients, the secrets to understanding the competition, and how individuals can identify and emphasize their strengths. One of the biggest mistakes salespeople make is that they don’t fully understand their products and services, making it impossible for them to convince others.

Successful Business

The upcoming release of the Sales Bible by Jacob provides a one-stop resource for anyone in the sales industry that wants to be more successful and increase their bottom line. The book is expected to be released late in 2018 and promises to be the definitive guide for anyone within the sales industry by one of the most successful business consultants in modern history.

About Andy Jacob

Andy Jacob is founder of the Jacob Consulting Group with more than 20 years of successful business building expertise, specializing in building better, stronger and faster companies. Heís been featured in national print and broadcast media, is a financial and business expert for multiple media outlets and the author of the new groundbreaking training program,

ďClosing the Deal is Dead.Ē

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