Didi Chuxing Technology Co. – The Skinny

Didi Chuxing Technology Co. - The Skinny
Didi Chuxing are one of the best known tech companies from the east

With a net worth sitting around the $56 billion mark, Chinese Technological conglomerate Didi Chuxing are one of the best known tech companies from the east. As well as running a taxi and private car hire service Didi also work to develop Artificial Intelligence in the form of autonomous technology… that’s right things like the riderless car and the self serving checkout are the specialty of companies very similar to Didi Chuxing… but none other is quite so successful.

Didi Chuxing Company

One of only a comparatively small percentage of so-called ‘Unicorn’ companies whose worth is over the billion mark, Didi Chuxing are a little like the Chinese version of Uber, with a strong focus towards the technological aspects. In fact, in August 2016 they bought out Uber’s China branch and now run it for themselves. What we want to find out is how they made all their money?

Didi Chuxing Technology Company

Didi was formed when two of China’s leading internet provider companies merged in 2015. Up until that point the company was run under the name of Didi Kuaidi. They have bases mainly in China, but also operate in Mexico, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Hong Kong and Taiwan all of the places you would expect where language and culture barriers prevent other travel hire companies from optimal performance. The company now has over a hundred investors and is currently branching out into English speaking services. It is possible that we will here more about them in the west in years to come.

Travelling Services

After seeking global expansion and an extensive re-branding program in 2015, the company went on to have some serious competition with Uber, until the larger brand decided it wasn’t worth it and sold their holdings in China to them. In other operational areas there is still a healthy rivalry between the two firms. To date Didi have invested several billion dollars into the development and application of AI in its services. The driverless car is only the tip of the iceberg, with new developments in constant research.

List of Services

As we have said, Didi have a service list that rivals Uber’s, some of which are as follows:

  • An English and Chinese speaking hot-line available 24 hours a day.
  • In-app table booking, hiring and in-trip online service.
  • The choice between premium vehicles, those with car seats for children, those who need specially adapted mobility vehicles and those that need a guide dog although it should be noted that pets are not mentioned anywhere else in there agreements.
  • Massage seats, air conditioners, heated seats and umbrellas are all optional perks with this firm.
  • Didi Hitch is their ride-sharing service.
  • Designated Driving allows you to find a sober driver,
  • Enterprising solutions cater to the driver’s end of the deal.
  • Didi Bus helps you hire a bus.
  • Uber China is now part of their service, as is Xiaoju Automobile Solutions
  • They also offer smart transportation services thanks to their AI team.
Xiaoju Automobile

As of 2018 Didi Chuxing were already in talks to expand over to North America. With every passing year this firm has existed they have expanded and adapted, moving with the times to stay ahead but also using that substantial capital to buy out and amalgamate wherever they go. A series of some fairly smart networking has seen them spread their wings over a substantial portion of the global market; and their fluid business model shows no sign of slowing them down yet.