DotCom Magazine Announces its Choice the Top 5 DSLR Cameras

Top 5 DSLR Cameras
DSLR cameras offer high resolution stills and video quality, but none are completely ideal for both tasks.

Choosing a DSLR camera is far removed from the selection of an old-fashioned camera that used film. The primary question people need to ask themselves when looking for a DSLR camera is “What will I use it for?”

DSLR Camera

Some are better at capturing still images, while others excel at videos. Some models offer all around general performance, but individuals that will be required to capture high-speed events or perform commercial level work will need a camera with specific attributes.

Pentax K-1 Mark II

Pentax K-1 Mark II

Pentax cameras are known as the workhorses of the camera world and the 36MP Pentax K-1 Mark II features full HD video resolution and a 3-in screen that can tilt in three directions. The camera is equally appropriate for use by photography enthusiasts and professional photographers. Dependability, 5-axis stabilization and continuous drive ensure users will never miss a photo. It offers all around photo quality, but may not be the best for video.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

For camera enthusiasts and professional photographers, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV offers a 30.4MP camera and fixed in place 3.2-inch touchscreen. It has 4k video capture, live view autofocus, the company’s intuitive control system, and ultra-high resolution sensors. It utilizes the Motion JPEG format that’s especially beneficial for extracting images from video for stills.

Nikon D850

Nikon D850

The Nikon D850 is a DSLR camera choice for many professionals and avid enthusiasts. It offers 45.7MP, 4k video resolution, and a 3.2-inch touchscreen that tilts. It can be noisy at the highest ISO settings when shooting in low light environments and a vertical grip is an add-on that’s optional. The camera has a 153-point autofocus system and requires fast memory cards. It excels at high-resolution images and makes an excellent camera for all around work ranging from wedding photos to landscapes and high-action sports.

Canon EOS 5DS/5DS R

With 50.6MP, it’s an excellent camera for professionals and high-level enthusiasts. It has a 3.2-inch screen and full HD video resolution. Users will appreciate the resolution for fine details, making it an exceptional choice for photographers that work with stills. It will capture high-quality video, but doesn’t work well as a sports or action shot camera.

Nikon D5

Nikon D5

The D5 features 20.8MP, is able to capture even the fastest of action shots, and offers professional level performance. It has 4k video resolution and a 3.2-inch touchscreen. The built-in vertical grip provides solid handling and a continuous drive that’s very fast, enabling photographers to capture sports action, unpredictable wildlife shots, and split second expressions. It’s heavier than some models, but the oversize battery can take more than 3,700 shots with a single charge.

The Best Camera for the Job

DSLR cameras offer high resolution stills and video quality, but none are completely ideal for both tasks. DotCom Magazine’s pick of the Top 5 DSLR cameras offers a wide range that will appeal to both enthusiasts and professionals for needs ranging from taking quiet stills or capturing the motion of demanding, high-action sports.

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