DotCom Magazine Announces the Another Top 5 Best Small Cities to Move to Before they Get too Popular

When you are just visiting for the weekend or even a short week-long break, it is not hard to enjoy some of America's great small towns. It is different though if you are looking to settle somewhere for a while.
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When you are just visiting for the weekend or even a short week-long break, it is not hard to enjoy some of America’s great small towns. It is different though if you are looking to settle somewhere for a while. You need to be far more selective. If you make the wrong choice, you could find yourself isolated, underpaid and bored, though if you choose correctly, you could benefit from all the best things about a metropolitan area, the excitement, charm, creativity and energy, without the constant migraines, stresses and prices that come with inner-city living. To help you out a little, at Dotcom Magazine, we are happy to share with you our top 5 small cities you should considering moving to before they are too popular.

Best era Small Cities.

Port Chester, NY

Port Chester.

If you want to feel like a proper New Yorker without living in Williamsburg or Bushwick, why not consider Port Chester. This little village has the same kind of atmosphere as a lively neighborhood you’d find in Brooklyn, without all the BS. There’s no extremely high-priced rent here for one thing. It also has a great nightlife, thanks to the refurbishment and reopening of the Capitol Theatre, which has seen artists such as the Pixies, Father John misty and even Bob Dylan play there. There is also a flurry of great places to eat and drink.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

If you are looking for those friends that will be your friends for life, you should head to Eau Claire in Wisconsin. The folk here know how to get the best out of the miserable weather during the dark winters. There are bikes using snow tires commuting from one place to the other while the temperatures are below freezing. At the other end of the year, in June, there is the Eux Claire Music Festival setup by one of the state’s most famous sons. Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. Local acts grace the stage alongside more well-known and internationally famous acts such as Paul Simon, Wilco and of course, Bon Iver.

San Marcos, Texas

While many would argue that the phrase too big can never be applied to anywhere or anything in Texas, Austin fits the description. To escape Austin, you will find many cheaper rent seekers, musicians and artists have made San Marcos their home. Home to a live music scene that is just as bustling as Austin and Texas State University.


Joshua Tree, California

Although most come to Joshua Tree for the desert vibe, the Milky Way-style tones in the sky at night and the wind-defaced landscapes, there are many great reasons to actually take up residency there. The rent is cheap, considering the state the city is in and you can be part of a very small-town and hip vibe. Thanks to creative types, Joshua Tree is the place to go for cool boutique hotels and awesome Airbnb. There’s a farmer’s market and lots of independent cafes, and a plethora of quirky, but quaint thrift stores. Some of the biggest names in rock, such as Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys and Queens of the Stone Age have recorded albums in this town.

Greenville, South Carolina

You may have missed the boat somewhat getting into Asheville early enough before the early adopters, artists and brewers transformed it. There is still time for you to put your own unique stamp on one of the most underrated cities in South Carolina, Greenville. There are a wide variety of craft breweries, if you enjoy a finely brewed bottle of beer, and if you need to work out you can use the hike that takes you to a 420-feet tall waterfall. Another major advantage is that the living cost there is relatively low.

Greenville city.


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