DotCom Magazine Announces the Top 5 Free Apple Apps

Top 5 Free Apple Apps
Top 5 free Apple App Store apps that stayed at the top of the charts for the longest.

The Apple iPhone App Store is over ten years old now and it is fair to say that although there are a lot of popular mainstays that remain as popular now as they were back when they were first introduced, there have been quite a few that never made it passed being a fad. That’s why, here at DotCom Magazine, we wanted to highlight our top5 free Apple App Store apps that stayed at the top of the charts for the longest. It can be hard to predict those gems that will become so big and so popular, but often it is a very simple idea that has just been executed with precision.

Apple Apps

Draw Something

Remember the Pictionary-inspired game where you had to put your sketching skills to the test by drawing on your device’s screen while other players had to guess what the clue was you were trying to draw? This became a bona fide trend back in 2012 and that’s when it spent a massive 38 weeks in the number one spot. It is still available, still has a following and still completely free.

Facebook Messenger


It is unsurprising really that we would highlight everyone’s favorite instant messenger service. The app has spent an incredibly 217 weeks in total at the number one spot. It remains the preferred instant messenger, and is perfect if you don’t really fancy mucking around too much on Facebook, because you can use the messenger separately from the actual social media platform.



Entertainment App

Again, it should come as no surprise that one of the most popular free apps in the world is for one of the, if not the most popular video streaming services in the world. YouTube spend a super 107 weeks at the top spot of the free app charts. The app remains free to this day and has become more sophisticated since the earliest incarnation of it. Although there is a lot of competition when it comes to audio streaming services, YouTube is still head and shoulders above the rest, particularly in relation to user-generated content.


Temple Run

Sometimes the best idea for an app is something that takes a simple concept and runs with it. Quite literally in the case of Temple Run. As anyone knows who has downloaded this and gave it a try, Temple Run is incredibly addictive. Which is the ideal really. The app that allows you to race with your character through a perilous pathway of temples, spent a respectable 30 weeks at the top spot of the free app charts.


It always felt as if Snapchat was only going to be around for a season. But, like other apps such as Instagram and Twitter, the people who really liked Snapchat, remained loyal to it and it is still incredibly popular. The quick and fun picture-focused chat platform spent a cool 37 weeks at the top of the free app charts in total.