DotCom Magazine Announces the Top 5 Startups in Asia

Top 5 Startups in Asia
Asian markets are taking advantage of a generation that places a premium value on experiences, eco-friendly alternatives and technology-based solutions.

Startups around the world have a history of innovation, creating new niches, and launching economic booms. Some startups are taking an alternative route that has at their core a sense of inclusion and community and DotCom Magazine has named its choice of the Top 5 Asian startups.

Economic Startups


The company is the leading solar retailer in Singapore, providing sustainable solar solutions for clients of all sizes. The company is creating a 5 megawatt offshore floating photovoltaic system, one of the largest sea-based installations in the world. The industrious project is equivalent in size to five football fields.

Solar Panel

Sunseap also has a land-based 10 Megawatt solar farm in Cambodia and a 140 megawatt farm in India. The company counts Apple as one of their clients and the company is focused on providing 100 percent of its power from renewable sources for an eco-friendly solution to the world’s energy problems.


Invented in 2008 by Pranoti Nagarkar and Rishi Israni, Rotimatic is a bread-making robot that utilizes machine learning. The Rotimatic represents the first kitchen appliance of its kind that does everything from measuring ingredients to baking the bread, with the flat loaves ready to eat in approximately one minute.


The use of artificial intelligence makes it possible for the Rotimatic to update its own software and it gains knowledge with every batch that’s made. The kitchen accessory is able to make multiple types of bread using a variety of flour types. It provides convenience and a solution for those with food allergies.


To make strategic business decisions and effectively manage intellectual properties entrepreneurs, developers, inventors and innovators must have access to data ranging from patents and current R&D efforts to academic and legal information. PatSnap combines all that data into a single resource. Private companies, government agencies and academic institutions in 28 countries utilize the service to obtain intelligence in fields ranging from sensors and robotics to water technologies and agriculture.


Headquartered in Jakarta and founded in 2012 by Ferry Unardi, Derianto Kusuma and Albert Zhang, Traveloka originally focused on domestic travel and accommodations. The company has now expanded to encompass entertainment and lifestyle products. Traveloka provides tickets to attractions, dining vouchers and car rentals all available in a single resource. The company grew out of Unardi’s often encountered difficulties when booking travel arrangements and grown into a single resource for experience seekers.


Social Media

Social media is an essential element in the success of startups and established businesses. JET8 was launched in 2015 and offers brands direct selling options through social media using a blockchain technology payment platform. The agency offers mobile software for moment marketing, mobile sales and mobile engagement to connect with consumers anywhere they may be and reward them when they utilize the platform.

Data mining, geo-tagging, apps and social sampling are all offered to enhance and build consumer relationships. The agency builds customer loyalty through rewards, branded assets and detailed, real-time engagement. Brands sell directly to followers through the power and influence of social media to create lifestyle experiences.

Experiences Matter

Asian markets are taking advantage of a generation that places a premium value on experiences, eco-friendly alternatives and technology-based solutions. No matter what the industry, DotCom Magazine’s Top 5 picks all have at their core a single theme – a sense of community.

Save Environment



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