DotCom Magazine Announces Top 5 Cities to Start a Small Business

DotCom Magazine Announces Top 5 Cities to Start a Small Business
If you are looking to start a new business, is where the best place is to set one up

There’s 28m small businesses in the US and according to a recent survey by SurveyMonkey/CNBC, most are positive about the direction they’re heading over the next year. You might be wondering though, if you are looking to start a new business, is where the best place is to set one up. DotCom Magazine are going to give you the lowdown on what we feel are the top 5 places to start a small business, with the help of WalletHub and its findings into the same query.

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Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, Missouri is attractive for small businessowners because it makes things easy. the city’s workforce has ballooned by 9% in the last few years. Women and men, who have started in the workforce there or relocated are attracted by the full range of companies both small and big. It also has nurtured its start-up sector, which had rocky beginnings. Small business solutions, products and training is available from Missouri State University and its Small Business and Technology Development Center.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


The capital of Oklahoma is one of the best for starting new businesses, because it has various attractive features. It offers reasonable state and local taxes, low energy costs and lower costing business operations. The state also offers a variety of incentives. for example, companies that have 90 employees or less could receive as much as 5% on their payroll for as much as seven years to either locate or expand their business in Oklahoma. Companies also can receive cashback for offering jobs with pay that’s better than the national average.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is included in the area of Utah known as Silicon Slopes. It has recently emerged as something of a hotspot for tech-related start-ups and tech entrepreneurs. Thanks to the pool of educated workers from University of Utah, Utah State and Brigham Young University, the incredibly affordable real estate and low taxes along with the idyllic setting. eBay was attracted by these features a few years ago when it opened its 241,000 sq. Ft facilities.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Although the fact that it has over 200 days of sunshine is maybe not enough to convince everyone of its appeal as a great place to set-up a small business, it is still worth noting. There’s more to Queen city than just that fortunately, as the population is on the rise and there’s now all age groups covered fully. Many important corporations are based in the city too, such as Duke Energy and Bank of America and as house is reasonably priced with a cost of living lower than the national average by around 1.2%, there’s a lot to love about Charlotte if you have a small business venture in mind.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Sitting on the glorious Grand River, Grand Rapids is a city that has fully converted from a place known for furniture manufacturing into a strong area for start-ups. This is largely because of the large talent pool of workers and the low costs of running a business in the city. There is also the Michigan Small Business Development Center that assists budding entrepreneurs in getting what they need to start their businesses and help them flourish.

Grand Rapids



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