DotCom Magazine Names New York’s Top 5 Most Powerful People

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Politics and power typically go hand-in-hand and nowhere is that more evident than in the city and state of New York. DotCom Magazine’s Top 5 pick of the most powerful people in New York are the people that others want to know due to their ability to have an influence on individuals, policies, laws and the environment. However, whether that influence is used for better or worse is a matter of opinion for each individual.

Powerful People


Donald J. Trump

As president of the United States with the ability to affect people domestically and around the world, Trump obviously tops any list. His unconventional approach to the presidency has earned him both supporters and detractors. Trump has created controversy with policies affecting everything from the poor and immigration to climate change and nuclear war. His changes to the tax code are having the largest impact on New York City where a tax revenue deficit has the potential to cause substantial problems.

Donald J. Trump

Andrew Cuomo

Presidential City New York

It’s been rumored for many years that the outspoken governor of New York has presidential aspirations. He’s indicated he’ll push back against the tax policies enacted by the federal administration, its position on global warming, immigration and health care, along with education, housing and criminal justice. The author and lawyer has held a wide array of state and federal positions.

Bill de Blasio

The New York City Mayor expanded prekindergarten in the city and saw a significant drop in crime rates. de Blasio passed legislation that prevents discrimination by landlords and laws protecting transgender individuals. He’s is welcoming Amazon to the Big Apple with promises of tax breaks and subsidies amid complaints from the local housing authority. He’s served on numerous boards ranging from education and technology to general welfare and environmental protection.

Carl Heastie

As the New York State Assembly Speaker, Heastie has influence over a variety of things, from the cost of plastic bags to the city’s subway system, and he’s an ally of de Blasio. He’s sponsored mandatory reporting of child abuse and was a lead negotiator for K-8 schools.

Charles Schumer

Voting Rights

The U.S. Senate Minority Leader and senior senator from New York, Schumer is one of the most influential Democratic leaders in Washington, D.C. He’s a lawyer, a member of the House Judiciary Committee, has worked to protect voting rights, sponsored a bill by companies to make it more difficult for individuals to claim bankruptcy, and spoke out against prosecuting whistleblowers.




High Profile Power

The Top 5 most powerful people of New York named by DotCom Magazine all wield enormous power and influence over constituents in the city, state, and within the federal government. Their beliefs and actions affect millions of people, for better or worse, depending upon an individual’s perspective.

Enormous power