DotCom Magazine Names Top 5 CEOs

Names Top 5 CEOs
DotCom Magazine has named its Top 5 picks of the best CEOs across multiple tech companies.

Everyone has experienced a “bad boss,” but the situation is particularly difficult when that boss is the CEO of a company. They’re the individuals that are narcissists, bullies, are micromanagers, have unrealistic demands, and have no empathy for the army of people they employ.

Fortunately, there are still outstanding CEOs where people feel valued and go to work eagerly each day. To celebrate those bosses, DotCom Magazine has named its Top 5 picks of the best CEOs across multiple tech companies.

CEOs of multiple tech companies


Eric S. Yuan


The CEO and founder of Zoom earned an impressive 99 percent approval rating by employees. The immigrant from China launched the videoconferencing company in 2012, but it was an idea he had as a college freshman. The concept came about from the 10-hour train trips he made to see his girlfriend, who later became his wife. One of the reasons that he’s such a well-liked CEO is that Yuan understands first-hand the problems that his Zoom employees encounter.

Daniel Springer

The CEO of DocuSign also earned a 99 percent approval rating. Being a stay-at-home dad gave Springer a unique understanding of the difficulties that employees – especially those with children – can encounter. He joined the digital signature company when his sons were both in college. Within a year, he was the CEO of a $6 billion dollar firm that had gone public.

Jeff Weiner

Learning Organization

The CEO of LinkedIn has said numerous times that it took years for him to develop the managerial style that has worked to earn him a 97 percent approval rating. He now utilizes a compassion-based approach inspired by the Dalai Lama that recognizes the value of the people in the organization, while allowing the company to achieve its strategic vision. It helps that he often gets his children off to school and then comes home to cook dinner, providing him with an understanding of what many employees are going through.

Marc Benioff

Benioff is the CEO of the cloud computing company Salesforce. He comes in with a 97 percent approval rating. Coming up through the ranks from humble beginnings, he credits his parents for instilling in him a work ethic. He also has a philosophy of corporate philanthropy, providing employees with volunteer time, donating 1 percent of the company’s profits, and 1 percent of the firm’s resources to charitable causes.

Jim Kavanaugh

Wide Technology

The CEO of World Wide Technology also achieved a 97 percent approval rating. The company specializes in logistical solutions around the world and supports a wide variety of charitable organizations. During a global fundraising drive, Kavanaugh said he’d shave his head if employees raised $500,000 is six months. Involvement with employees and a team-oriented approach to management are his benchmarks.

Common Denominators

Each of the individuals has earned a place in the DotCom Magazine’s Top 5 list of CEOs by making their employees feel valued. The CEOs have their own approach to management, but all are committed to listening to what employees have to say, fostering the concept of team development, and understands the struggles that their employees face.

Concept Of Team Development