DotCom Magazine Names Top 5 Rappers to Watch

DotCom Magazine Names Top 5 Rappers to Watch
New generation of young rappers that are taking the genre in new directions with their own personal sound and style

Despite the popularity of pop, rock, R&B and country music, the most often played tracks at top music sites are releases by rappers. Rap has dethroned rock as the most popular genre across multiple free and paid platforms. To celebrate the milestone, DotCom Magazine has named its Top 5 selections of rappers to watch.


Lil Skies

Music Recoder

Those in the music industry attribute the success of Lil Skies to his light touch, simplicity and straightforward presentation. The Pennsylvania rapper has experienced significant success on Billboard charts and enjoys the support of powerful YouTube notables that includes director Cole Bennett. Atlantic Records signed him to its All We Got Entertainment. The rap sensation began writing songs when he was just four-years-old. He was encouraged by his hip-hop artist father, Dark Skies, and the rapper has opened for some of the industry’s leading stars.

Rico Nasty

Born in New York, the record producer and rapper began utilizing her talent while she was still in high school, releasing her first mixtape in 11th grade. She decided to focus on a music career after graduation. Her first release netted her more than 4 million views and her single “Poppin” was featured on the HBO TV show “Insecure.” She caught the attention of officials at Atlantic Records and was signed to the label. She combines humor and skill with innate charisma for show stopping performances.

YBN Nahmir

BbyMutha Sound

The rise of social media has made it possible for artists to become a near overnight success and that was true for YBN Nahmir. His “Rubbin Off The Paint” became a legitimate sensation, earning the rapper 80 million views on YouTube. The Alabama rapper initially became interested in music after playing the video game “Rock Band” and presented his first song on YouTube when he was 15. YBN Nahmir now lives in California and has toured worldwide. He credits part of his success to not being a “mumble rapper.”


The Tennessee rapper launched her career on SoundCloud and became an underground hit when her single “Rules” went viral. BbyMutha’s sound was heavily influenced by her personal experiences as a single mother and being bullied as a child. She first began rapping in 10th grade, but her breakthrough moment came with the release of her EP “Glow Kit” when it went viral. Her music features themes of sexuality, relationships and sexism and she’s known for her swagger, along with a unique and colorful sense of fashion.


A producer and rapper, Valee has been making headlines and significant inroads in the music industry. Known for his charisma, high-energy performances and vivid lyrics, he self-produced his “Shell” track that earned him a dedicated following and brought him prominence in the industry. A luxury brand influencer, he was signed by G.O.O.D. Music.

Rap is King

Surpassed Rock Music

Rap has now surpassed rock music to become the number one genre with the largest market share of listeners. One of the reasons for the upswing is a new generation of young rappers that are taking the genre in new directions with their own personal sound and style, all of which has landed them a position on DotCom Magazine’s list of Top 5 rappers to watch.


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