DotCom Magazine Names Top 5 UK CEOs According to Employees

Top 5 UK CEOs According to Employees
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Top CEOs around the world are typically selected by criteria such as annual revenues, new strategies they’ve developed, or how quickly they’ve risen to prominence. DotCom Magazine is taking a different approach with its list of the Top 5 UK CEOs. These CEOs were all chosen by their current and former employees.

UK CEOs employees

Richard Flint

Sky Betting

The CEO of Sky Betting received a 99 percent approval rating for his approachability, transparency about how the company was performing, and always having time for employees, regardless of hierarchy. He emphasizes an environment of collaboration and support that acknowledges a CEO’s limitations, while demonstrating his/her honesty, empathy and humility.

Tim Kidd

Kantar Worldpanel’s CEO also achieved a 99 percent rating from employees. His philosophy is that

“There’s an unwritten contract between an employer and an employee”

that demands honesty about where the company is going and trust that they’ll do their jobs to the best of their ability. He believes it’s also important for CEOs to always remember what it was like when they were in the employee’s position.

Andy Ransom

Employees said the CEO of Rentokil offers a varied work environment, opportunities for advancement, and invests time in its training to ensure people have the knowledge and skills to do their jobs. They also noted that management teams were accessible and support is provided when needed. He has a 98 percent approval rating.

work on environment

Peter Redfern

Taylor Wimpey CEO, Peter Ransom, earned a 97 percent employee rating. He believes one of the most critical actions of any CEO is creating a good relationship with employees and staff development to ensure they have the skills and knowledge to provide the best service possible.

Craig Donaldson

Expectations of employee

Employees indicated the CEO of Metro Banking is one of the most people-focused individuals they’ve ever met that and it earned him a 99 percent employee rating. He was key in creating a culture of engagement, is a staunch supporter of equal opportunities for all, and diversity within the workplace. He values behaviors over performance and eliminated old-fashioned language in reviews that could impact employees negatively. His philosophy is that an employee that’s meeting expectations is to be celebrated. Rules are kept simple and clear, and his advice to other CEOs is to be visible, accessible, and get out of the office to meet everyday people.

People Don’t Exclude Profit

Exclude Profit

There’s a brand of CEO in many sectors that believes being profitable is exclusive of employees – a myth that’s amply debunked with DotCom Magazine’s Top 5 CEOs in the UK. The list represents CEOs from across multiple industries throughout the UK with companies that remain highly profitable, while providing an environment that fosters development, advancement and the value of employees.