DotCom Magazine Picks Top 5 Coolest Tech

DotCom Magazine Picks Top 5 Coolest Tech
DotCom Magazine’s Top 5 coolest tech picks offers a wealth of opportunities for individuals to purchase some of the most fun and functional tech gadgets on the market
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Major technological breakthroughs are highlighted in the media, but some of the coolest tech gadgets in the world are the unsung heroes of consumer products. DotCom Magazine has announced its Top 5 coolest tech that features tomorrow’s innovations, along with those that will take individuals for a walk down memory lane.

Coolest Tech

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Pre-Installed Games

The release of Nintendo’s NES Classic Edition continues to attract fans and sales. The retro game system comes complete with 30 pre-installed games that will transport players back to 1985. From Super Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong to Castlevania and Legend of Zelda, fans of the original system are applauding the cool factor of the reissue. The only problem – consoles are being snapped up as fast as they go on the shelves.

HTC Vive Pro VR Headset

Moving forward in time, the HTC Vive Pro VR Headset is one of the best-selling virtual reality sets on the market. It features immersive audio and real-life movement, making it fun for those new to the VR environment along with experienced VR fans. Multiple streaming apps are available for those that want to experience a variety of VR environments.


Fitbit Versa™ Watch

For the health conscious, the Fitbit Versa™ provides health and sleep tracking, coaching, and keeps users organized with calendars, notifications and events. The cool factor in the Versa is its music library, Bluetooth connectivity and ability to sync with smartphones. Users can also pay for products and services on the go. It’s loaded with a spectrum of health-related options. Even better, the price point is significantly less than other popular models.

Moodo® Smart Home Fragrance Box

Diffusers, candles and aroma sticks will be taking a back seat to the Moodo® Smart Home Fragrance Box. The high-tech home fragrance designer connects to phones, along with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allowing individuals to become a “scent DJ” and create custom aromas for their home.

The device enables individuals to create scents for sleeping, aromas that sooth, and fragrances that set a mood. It’s an easy way to personalize any environment for productivity, relaxation or fun. Scent packs are created by professional perfumers in France.

Apple iPad 9.7”

There have been many incarnations of the iPad and with the release of the company’s 9.7” iPad, Apple has incorporated some new features to make it more attractive to consumers. The 9.7-inch iPad has a longer battery life, a faster processor, front and back cameras, and comes with an Apple Pencil. It’s easy to use and is Wi-Fi-enabled, but the coolest feature is that Apple has lowered its price point.

A Cool Factor for Everyone

That indescribable cool factor is on display in full force with the myriad of electronic offerings available. DotCom Magazine’s Top 5 coolest tech picks offers a wealth of opportunities for individuals to purchase some of the most fun and functional tech gadgets on the market.

Top 5 Coolest Tech


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