DotCom Magazine Reveals its Top 5 Best Netflix Series Choices

Top 5 Best Netflix Series Choices
Netflix has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in all genres of the entertainment industry.

For many years, Netflix was known as a source for movies and TV shows, but the addition of original series to the company’s offerings has made it even more popular in the U.S. than cable, movie rentals, other online sources, and traditional TV. An increasingly connected population and the ability to watch Netflix selections on big screen home TVs accelerated the trend.

TV Shows

The addition of Netflix’s original, award-winning content has made it the people’s choice for viewing. Netflix has been a major disruption in what people watch, how they view their favorites, and it was a significant force in the trend of binge watching. DotCom Magazine’s Choice of the Top 5 best Netflix Series is as follows.

Orange is the New Black

Drama Series

The hit series garnered a cult following almost from the moment it was launched. Taking place in a women’s prison, the series makes people laugh, cry, and offers insight into a variety of social issues. The Emmy award-winning comedy/drama series follows the life of a woman sentenced for a crime committed a decade ago and her fellow inmates.

Stranger Things

One of the most popular original series on Netflix, controversy surrounds whether Stranger Things will be renewed for another season or if it’s been cancelled due to a lawsuit claiming plagiarism. Nevertheless, the show gained a large following and each episode was eagerly awaited. The horror/sci-fi show incorporates multiple elements that include a missing boy, supernatural forces and secret experiments.

The Crown

Crown Of Queen Elizabeth

An instant hit, The Crown follows the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth II. It contains all the essential elements that viewers demand, from romance and political challenges to palace intrigue. The historical drama features important events that have shaped the world stage and the difficulties the Queen faced in managing her personal and public life. The series has received multiple awards, accolades and Emmy nominations.

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Based on a series of children’s books, it’s also gained a devoted following among adults. The series focuses on the plight of three orphans that must outwit the machinations of their evil guardian, Count Olaf, who wants to steal their inheritance. The lengths to which the Count will go are more over the top with each episode. The series has secret societies, family mysteries, and deeply rooted conspiracies with Victorian overtones.

Breaking Bad

The crime drama explores family issues, moral quandaries, and questions about consequences. The main character is a high-school chemistry teacher that turns to a life of crime dealing in meth. Diagnosed with incurable lung cancer, he hopes to secure a financial future for his family before his demise.

A Wealth of Viewing Riches

Netflix has created a platform of original content that’s taken viewers across the U.S. by storm. The platform continues to introduce new releases and even series that have been cancelled are enjoying renewed popularity as new viewers turn to Netflix for entertainment instead of cable and other online resources. Netflix has established itself as a force to be reckoned with in all genres of the entertainment industry.

Platform To Introduce New Releases


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