DotCom Magazine Reveals the Top 5 Best AI Companies

Best AI Companies
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way people market, find the educational institutions that best fit their needs, and locate international employment opportunities. Technology is utilizing AI to develop innovative medical diagnostic tools and secure business platforms. The search for new AI applications is growing by leaps and bounds and every company now wants a piece of the action.

Artificial intelligence.

The list of Top 5 AI companies compiled by DotCom Magazine represents a cross reference of companies that are avidly pursuing AI technology or investing in AI research and development. The products and technology encompasses a wealth of opportunities ranging from self-driving cars and robotics to biometrics and cyber defense.


The $3.8 billion cloud software business has largely flown under the radar, but offers the biggest risk/reward opportunities of AI companies. Its programming interface is utilized to make and receive text and voice messages. Twillio’s application has speech-to-text technology and is making great strides in understanding the intent of phone calls that could potentially provide an additional anti-terrorism tool.


Amazon online marketplace.

The online marketplace giant has long been interested in AI and emphasized its potential power. Amazon is already using AI to forecast demand, search rankings, customer recommendations and is central to its Alexa virtual assistant. The company has plans for the use of artificial intelligence in its stores without cashiers and drone deliveries. It also has partnerships with Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co. in which AI is expected to play a major role.





The search specialist is the first Chinese search engine to receive a license for a query-based experience and knowledge community. The country’s 1.4 billion in population offers a significantly larger population for AI tools to work with as compared to other areas. The Chinese government is subsidizing the technology and has set a goal of becoming the world’s AI leader by 2030. Baidu has a variety of projects, from powering vehicles and voice replication technology to virtual assistants.


The social media giant is one of the largest sources of data for AI technology to work with and learn. Artificial intelligence already powers its News Feed algorithm, facial recognition, and fake news screening tools. The company has come under fire for privacy issues and the way it uses the data it collects, but Facebook’s goal is to achieve an AI level of cognitive ability equal to humans by 2025.

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Micron Technology

The memory chip maker is taking a more indirect pathway toward AI. As the Internet of Things (IoT) increases, machine learning becomes more complex, and the healthcare industry expands into new avenues, the need for chips that can process the avalanche of data will be required. Micron Technology plans to capitalize on those advancements through its chips and the demand for more data centers.

Different Approaches

Artificial intelligence is the wave of the future to operate everything from autonomous vehicles and kitchen appliances to the ability to diagnose illness and disease. Companies are taking very different approaches to the technology. While many of the potential applications are far in the future, some of the biggest companies in the world are betting the farm on its continued progress and investing a significant amount of money and resources to see its fruition into something new and wondrous.

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