DotCom Magazine Selects Top 5 Coolest New Technologies

DotCom Magazine Selects Top 5 Coolest New Technologies
DotCom has selected its Top 5 coolest technologies, many of which will surprise and amaze.

A multitude of new technology is produced each year that has the ability make profound changes in culture and a substantial impact on the way people live, work and even care for the planet. DotCom has selected its Top 5 coolest technologies, many of which will surprise and amaze. Some are already being utilized and others are on track to see fruition within the next decade.


Affordable Artificial Intelligence

Most people think of artificial intelligence (AI) in terms of robots, but AI is taking a front seat with machine learning tools for the cloud. Work in the field is bringing the cost of AI down, thereby making it available to a larger range of startups and companies. Cloud-based AI technology is already being used extensively by companies ranging from Amazon and Google to Microsoft, each with its own version.

Artificial Intelligence



Communicating Clearly

Science fiction fans have long waited for a “universal translator.” Google has created the next best thing with its Pixel Buds that provide almost real-time translations. The Pixel Buds work with multiple languages and are helping to break down the biggest barrier to worldwide communications.

Perfect Privacy

Despite hacking concerns and identity theft, many companies require individuals to enter personal data that could be compromised. A privacy tool pioneered by Zcash utilizes emerging cryptographic protocols that grew from the cryptocurrency industry. Known as zero-knowledge proof, it can be utilized throughout multiple industries.

DNA Report Cards

Despite advances in unraveling DNA, a multitude of factors influence a baby’s health and intelligence. Parents can now obtain a DNA report at birth that can identify markers that indicate risks for developing dementia, intelligence quotients, and getting cancer, or the likelihood of having an addictive personality. The technology is available now, but isn’t 100 percent accurate, and opens up some intriguing questions for the future.


Capturing Carbon

The burning of fossil fuels has contributed significantly to climate change and Net Power is working to alleviate that. The company’s process captures carbon released by natural gas when it burns, thereby eliminating the emission of greenhouse gases. Estimates are that the technology will be available within 3-5 years. Carbon dioxide will be recycled continuously, can be sold for use in mining, and the company hopes to open other markets for the gas.

Into the Future

DotCom Magazine’s choice of coolest new technologies all have the potential to revolutionize the way people live, work and even procreate in the not too distant future. The technologies also have the ability to create a cleaner, green world of tomorrow, powered by technologies being developed today.

Development Of Technologies


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