DotCom Magazine Selects Top 5 Products for 2018

Top 5 Products for 2018
DotCom Magazine has selected its Top 5 products for 2018, just in time for gift giving.

Some of the most useful, best-selling, and easy to obtain gadgets have been gaining in popularity while flying under the radar of the average consumer. The reasons are legion. The company may have wanted to keep the business low-key or the product may not be sold outside its originating country. Whatever the reason, DotCom Magazine has selected its Top 5 products for 2018, just in time for gift giving.

Selling Products


The bane of every vehicle owner’s existence is the “check engine light” and it quickly becomes expensive when auto shops begin quoting ways to alleviate the problem. FIXD is a simple device that snaps into the dash of vehicles 1996 and older to diagnose problems – from a too-tight gas cap to transmission troubles

It connects to smartphones, provides an easy to understand diagnosis of any problem, and functions similarly to a garage’s professional diagnostic tool. The Atlanta, GA company that makes it has sold more than 700,000 units and FIXD will even turn off the “check engine light.”

NightGuide HD Driving Glasses

Anyone that’s ever used amber colored sunglasses knows how effective they are for providing crisp, clear vision even at night. NightGuide HD Driving

HD Driving Glasses

Glasses is the next evolution and has been voted the #1 solution for safe night driving. They’re stylish and significantly enhance clarity while reducing glare and eye strain. Lightweight yet durable, they provide assistance in foggy, rainy and low light environments, and they even fit over prescription lenses for greater driving safety.

TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight

The TC1200 Pro Tactical Flashlight has been to space and back and survived a 68-foot fall to earth. The tactical flashlight boasts a powerful 1200 lumens that can effectively blind any assailant, can be seen two miles away, and has five operating modes. The flashlight is so effective it’s used by Search and Rescue, fire and police, the Coast Guard and Navy Seals. The company also donates a portion of sales to relief organizations.

Breathe Green Charcoal Bags

Odors from cooking, pets, trash cans, smoking, bathrooms and the gym inhabit any home and sprays simply mask unpleasant smells. The innovative Breathe Green Charcoal Bags utilizes activated bamboo charcoal to continuously neutralize odors within 90-square-feet for up to two years. Those that have used it say it’s more effective than both Baking Soda and the best-selling spray. The odor killers have been featured on TV and 8 million bags have been sold, leading to limited availability in some areas.

Spark ProCam

The Spark ProCam is an unobtrusive security camera featuring full HD 1080p quality and sound. It plugs into any wall outlet, looks like an ordinary USB charger, and also functions as a charger. The Spark ProCam requires no batteries and detects motion and sound.

Recordings Cam

It blends into any environment and provides an easy way to monitor the safety of kids, pets and the elderly. To retrieve recordings, simply plug it into a computer and watch the footage. It’s equally effective for capturing cute pet videos.

Fun and Functional

The Top 5 products for 2018 by DotCom Magazine run the gamut, from fun and functional to convenient and safety-oriented. The items are affordable, working to enhance any environment and lifestyle. The innovative products prove that technology doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be effective.


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