DotCom Magazine Selects Top 5 Startups to Watch for 2019

Top 5 Startups to Watch for 2019
DotCom Magazine has selected its Top 5 startup picks to keep an eye on in 2019 that are giving back.

Medical tech and robotics of every type often lead the lineup of innovative startups. There’s also an increasing segment of entrepreneurial endeavors that are working to make the word a better place by addressing some of the planet’s most pressing problems. DotCom Magazine has selected its Top 5 startup picks to keep an eye on in 2019 that are giving back.

Medical Tech And Robotics

Banyan Nation

Founded by Mani Vajipey and Raj Madangopal, the company is tackling the problem of plastics pollution. Only a small percentage of plastics are actually recycled and the quality of the plastic is downgraded after recycling. Used plastic is typically down cycled into products ranging from synthetic clothing to carpeting.

The company’s process innovates the cleaning and recycling chain for recycled plastic material that’s near virgin quality, thereby extending the life of discarded plastics. The process works with multiple types of plastics, offers a cost effective waste management solution, and can help eliminate the plastics polluting waterways and the ocean.

EnviGreen Biotech

Plastic Bags

The company’s founder, Ashwath Hegde, is on a mission to create a more sustainable future with the creation of 100 percent organic bags that could easily replace plastic bags that have been banned in many locations. Manufactured with vegetable derivatives and natural starch, they’re easily biodegradable, a cost effective solution to plastic bags, and won’t harm animals or wildlife if they’re eaten.

The raw vegetable materials are easily obtainable and don’t add to the creation of greenhouse gases in landfills. In addition to EnviGreen Biotech’s original plastic bags, the company also plans on manufacturing other products in the future that includes trash bags.

Log 9

Transparent, more than 200 times stronger than steel, and a million times thinner than a strand of human hair, Graphene technology is being utilized by Log 9 in multiple industries. Founder Akshay Singhai envisions a world where even transparent planes can be possible with Graphene. The material can be used to create bendable phones and cancer detection devices to lightning fast computers.

Graphene is made from graphite and can be compressed to the thickness of a single atom. The material is extremely expensive, but scientists believe that Log 9’s work is extremely important in the field of nanotechnology and even more immediately for applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Prasadam Industries

Founded by Vedobroto Roy and Chetana Prasad, Prasadam Industries is “saving the planet – one cigarette at a time,” with its Karma Tips for cigarettes. Completely biodegradable, 100 percent organic and chemical free, each discarded tip has a tree seed embedded inside that will sprout and grow if left to nature.


The tips are designed for roll-your-own cigarettes and also remove more tar and nicotine than traditional filters. Karma Tips are made of natural cotton and vegetable pulp, so no trees are used. The company is also working with eco-friendly, handmade paper bags that are implanted with vegetable and herb seeds.

Jeeva Wireless

Founded by Aaron Parks, Bryce Kellogg, Joshua R. Smith, Shyam Gollakota and Vamsi Talla, Jeeva Wireless is enabling the use of IoT devices without batteries by using air. The company’s technology is very compact, cost effective, and uses 1/10,000th the power of a traditional Wi-Fi network. Jeeva Wireless utilizes a “backscatter-based” system that absorbs TV and radio signals, turning them into a usable power source.


The system requires no batteries or maintenance and lasts indefinitely. The system has the potential for multiple applications, from powering wearable technology to powering smart cities. It also has practical uses in agriculture, healthcare and home markets to streamline processes, improve productivity and reduce waste.

Improving the World

Creative entrepreneurs are combining technology with their desire to give back to the world at large for some of the most innovative solutions seen to date and each startup has earned its place among DotCom Magazine’s Top 5 startups to watch in 2019.

Combining Technology


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