Global Switch – The Skinny

Global Switch - The Skinny
global Switch was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Global Switch Holdings

Global Switch was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Global Switch Holdings. This firm manages data centers throughout the UK and is headquartered in London, and they are also one of the 260 fabled ‘unicorn companies’ with a worth of over a billion US dollars. Global Switch joined the ranks of the famous in 2016 by providing top notch computer and hardware services – but how do they stay at the top of the pack and make their billions? We want to find out…

Global Switch

Global Switch

With bases in Amsterdam and Madrid, Global Switch has expanded over the years out into Europe and is likely to continue to do so as the need for Data Storage grows. This is a firm whose very business taps into the development of the internet as a whole, a fortuitous business in an age where the digital revolution is in full swing. It is the fact that they supplied a basic need of almost all corporations that has taken them this far and as long as they continue to fulfill that need they should continue to grow.

Internet Services

In more recent years Global Switch managed to cross the seas and now covers the Asia-pacific area. Their main product is the housing of data centers where firms can store their computer infrastructure in either telecoms, internet or cloud services. They are the highest rated data center management firm in terms of credit and offer an online resource library for users to learn more about their work. They invest heavily in research and development in an ever increasing quest to make data storage smaller and also provide backup power sources to their centers so that they are never offline. They also make security a high priority as information theft is a problematic issue for hardware and software creators.

Global Switch take their financing from the Aviation Industry Corporation for China, Essence Financial and Jiangsu Sha Steel Group. They work with computer hardware and services in all areas of industry and it is rumored that they will turn into an IPO sometime in the near future. Their strong Chinese connections emerged in 2016 when a group of Chinese investors purchased some 49% of the company. Global Switch was the brainchild of the legendary Ruebens brothers who remain joint controllers to this day.

List of Services

Global Switch has many services but their main product is the safe, reliable and consistent storage of computer infrastructure through their strategically placed data centers. Other services include:

  • Software and hardware development and research.
  • Cooling, security and connectivity provided continuously to monitor and maintain their centers.
  • Resource Library which allows online learning for all members.
  • Data solutions for large, medium and small firms.
  • A 24 hour help service for all inquiries.
  • Service is available in eight different countries.
  • Cloud specific storage for those who need it.

They also have a dedicated sustainability program and a business model that will continue to benefit them as the internet continues to grow. Not only do you need the infrastructure to start it, you also need it to maintain functioning data systems; so their establishment of these storage centers will generate their own profit year after year.

Software and Hardware Advantages

Further Information

Should you require more information on Global Switch Holdings you can find it by visiting their website, here.