Infor – The Skinny

Infor - The Skinny
In a digital era where the world is more reliant on the smooth functioning of data systems every single hour we can only determine that Infor will continue to grow well into the future.

Privately held, multi-national Enterprise Software firm Infor are a $10 billion US unicorn company, having made the list in 2016 when they broke the billion dollar mark in company worth. Reckoned to be the largest privately owned software company in the world, we wanted to find out exactly what they do there, and find out what it is that makes them so special.



Infor was founded in 2002 and is owned by Koch Industries, Golden Gate Capital and Summit Partners. It employs somewhere in the region of 20K employees worldwide but has its headquarters in New York City. They have a revenue of nearly 3billion dollars a year and their CEO is Charles Phillips.  The corporation originally focused on financial software systems but eventually expanded into enterprise resource planning to supply chain and CRM. Their focus on user friendly interfaces that accommodate open source software platforms is what keeps them ahead of the competition.

Koch Industrie

In true Koch Industries style Infor has taken over forty over software engineering companies since its registration. This method of acquire, research, develop and move on has served the Koch family well throughout the years and is a tried and tested method of advancement. To date Infor covers 200 countries and cater to some very big named clients. They currently have 58 million cloud users and 90,000 corporate clients including Ferrari and Heineken. Initial funding came from Koch Industries and later the Blackstone Group, and they steadily build their client list by targeting their software at industry specific niches.

This niche industry catering eventually coined the name micro-vertical to apply to its unique group of users. Every type of industry can use Infor as their software company of choice and the firm has gone out of its way to make sure they are easily accessible to a broad range of markets. Unlike other unicorn companies this firm takes the more traditional route of achieving the best results via buying out any new technology that outstrips their own. It might not seem like  the most honest way to do business but for the Koch's it has worked time and time again. Infor is the perfect example of cutthroat financial transactions creating a firm that is almost untouchable in strength.

List of Services

  • Infor ION – the integrated pen network platform that allows Infor customers access to resource planning systems.
  • Infor XI – this is their newest product line which focuses on bringing cohesive tools in line with customers expectations and client demand.
  • Infor Mongoose – this service was developed specifically to help customers tailor their Infor applications to meet their individual needs.
  • ERP Cloud Software Research and Development
  • 24 hour assistance service should you need it.

Infor specializes in building complete industry suites in the cloud, enabling businesses to operate at higher productivity and utilizing data science to meet customer needs. In a digital era where the world is more reliant on the smooth functioning of data systems every single hour we can only determine that Infor will continue to grow well into the future. Once these systems have been established and sold they then need to be maintained… and that is where they make their money.

Software Research and Development

More Information

If you need more information on Infor you can visit their web page by following this link.


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