Space Exploration Technologies Corp. – The Skinny

Space Exploration Technologies Corp. - The Skinny
Space X make huge developments in the private aerospace industry and strive to provide space transportation services that are the envy of the world.

Better known as Space X, this firm was valued at 21.5 billion USD in 2018. Space X make huge developments in the private aerospace industry and strive to provide space transportation services that are the envy of the world. Renowned founder Elon Musk kicked off the company in 2002 with the express intention of one day taking human beings to Mars. According to sources he gets a little closer each year.


Despite multiple failed rocket attempts Space X can now take off and land a rocket into the outer atmosphere; a fact they proved in recent years when they sent a car into space to orbit a planet as a testimony to there developed technology. In 2012 they became the first private company to send a craft to board the ISS in the air, and have gained notoriety (both good and bad) through a combination of intelligent research and the bold, outlandish claims of their CEO.

Let’s look more closely at Space X and see what earns them a place as a Unicorn company; one of only 260 global corporations that have a value over a billion dollars.

Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

Space X have been responsible for some fairly top of the range technology. As well as developing functioning space craft they are responsible for the Merlin, Raptor and Kestrel Engines, produce ASDS landing platforms and provide an Orbital Rocket Launching service. They have their HQ in California and have a subsidiary in the Boring Company an aptly named drilling firm. Current projects include an interplanetary transport system and crewed space flight. If anyone is going to colonize Mars it is going to be Elon Musk.

Space Craft

Responsible for such astounding feats as the Falcon Launch Vehicles, Dragon Capsules and reusable launch systems; Space X’s main mission seems to be to further out space-bound research. Space X draws much of its income from contracts with national space organizations around the world, in particular it is estimated that they have a $4.2 billion contract with NASA alone. It’s value also comes from it’s millions of shares and investments led by Fidelity Investments. They also profit from the Other Transportation Founders Fund, investment from DFJ Capital and from Rothenberg Ventures.

List of Services

Space X primarily focus on interplanetary exploration ventures, this means anything that constitutes ‘space wares’. The breakdown of this falls mainly into the products category. That being said they do provide a few services:

  • The design of new technology to be used in the outer atmosphere.
  • Commercial Resupply Services to off-world locations.
  • Spacecraft recovery.
  • Manufacturing, sales and contracts utilizing space tech of their making.
  • The firm dedication to the belief that relocating some of the population to Mars is achievable.
Space Wares

As you can see their work mainly focuses around the space frontier. It is worth noting that they have done something spectacular by breaking up the monopoly previously held over the space development contracts and the military. The problem with their business model is that theirnet worth fluctuates wildly depending on how crazy their next projects sound. One thing is for sure, it is certainly one of the more unpredictable Unicorn Companies out there.