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The Importance of Good Follow Up With Customers

As a salesperson, it’s important to follow up on every customer that you’ve sold a product or service to, and we’re going to cover the reasons why it’s pivotal. You can’t just look at it as a, “I’ve already sold to them, so why does it matter if I follow up?”

Follow up your customers

The sell is one thing, and the follow-up is another, but they’re both just as important. Let’s hit the first reason right now.

  1. Your one-time customer can turn into something more

When you follow up with a customer, it increases the chances of them becoming more than a one-time customer. Going back makes them feel like they were remembered, and that makes them feel good. When you do this, they’ll remember you too, and they’ll go back to you to buy your product or service again instead of to your competition.

They won’t do this just once, but they’ll become a loyal customer. Following up can mean going back to their home if you’re a door-to-door salesperson, or it can mean sending emails with coupons, or mail with a special offer. Special offers really makes them want to go back to you.

  1. They’ll feel valued

Customers like to feel like they matter to a company. They’re the priority, the reason that you’re doing all of this in the first place, so it doesn’t make any sense to not follow back and make them feel like they matter.

  1. You get to know what your customer wants

If you want to make more sales, it’s important to give your customers what they want. A good reason to follow up with a customer is to ask about what they liked, so that you can keep doing that, and what they dislike to see if you can make any changes.

Know what your customers want

Knowing what your customers are feeling about what you’ve sold them allows you to get to know them more, and make the changes that will get them to buy from you again. This also adds on to the part where you make them feel valued, understood, and heard.



  1. Free promotion

Running ads on Facebook or going door to door is, obviously, a good way to make sales, but one of the best ways is through word of mouth. Whenever you hear a friend or family member recommend a product or service, then you’ll mean it when you say you’ll look into it because you trust their judgment.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth is free promotion and when you follow up with your customer, because you left an impact by thinking about them, they actually like your product or service more. Think about it, when you have bad service at a restaurant, despite the food being scrumptious, do you go back? Probably not.

But, if you go to a restaurant where the food is good–not great–but good, but they treat your like a queen or king or anything of high royalty, then you’ll most likely go back.

So, stop putting it off. If you want more sales and better reputation, follow up with your customers!


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