Top 5 Best New Restaurants in America

Best New Restaurants in America
If you are looking for a new place to try out, you may be stunned at the choice and find it difficult to pick one.

There seems to be new restaurants popping up here and there all over the country. If you are looking for a new place to try out, you may be stunned at the choice and find it difficult to pick one. DotCom Magazine wants to give you a helping hand with our guide to the top 5 new restaurants in the country. Why have we chosen these? Because they are doing something different, because they are turning tradition on its head – because they serve delicious food.

Best New Restaurants in America

Ugly Baby, Brooklyn NY

If you are a fan of heat, then you should definitely check out Ugly Baby in New York. Despite its strange, but endearing name, this is quite possibly the hottest restaurant in the country right now. Not just in terms of trendiness, but in sheer molten lava heat from the dishes. The owner, Sirchai Sreparplarn, sets Ugly Baby apart from other Thai restaurants in that he doesn't compromise on the heat. His view is that in order to calm the heat of the chilis he uses he would have to dilute them and he doesn't want to do that.

Nyum Bai, Oakland

Nyum Bai, Oakland

From refugee camp to one of the newest hotspots in Oakland, Nite Yun brings a truly personal take on the Cambodian food she grew up with. At Nyum Bai you will find a selection of traditional Cambodian cuisine that she hoped would show a different side to Cambodia. One that isn't about the genocide or the war, one that is about the beautiful and rich history the country has and the amazing food. Dishes like Kuy Teav Phnom Penh, which is actually a noddle soup dish that was the inspiration for the restaurant or mouth-watering marinated pork chops served with bai sach chrouk, rice and a fried egg.

Drifters Wife, Portland

How about a place that brought the Brooklyn buzz of natural wine to Portland? Drifters wife is the brainchild of Peter and Orenda Hale and started as a small boutique-style natural wine merchant to become a restaurant that changed their town. The eatery side of the business came about from the initial problem they had of selling natural wines, that is wines that have little to no technological or chemical intervention in the grape growing or wine making process. So, they decided that the best way to sell the wine would be to give locals food to eat with samples of the wine and thus Drifters Wife was born.

Freedman's, Los Angeles

If you are fancying something that stems from great tradition, but has its own unique spin on it, then you should probably check out Freedman's in Los Angeles. Freedman's restaurant was established by the team of siblings Amanda and Jonah Freedman. The idea behind the eatery is to take traditional Jewish deli fare and flip it's on its head and completely redefine it so it is elevated even higher.

Maydan, Washington D.C.

Maydan is a word used in India, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Iran and the Caucuses and basically means a central area that is used as a meeting place, where people can do whatever they want or need to do together. Rebel, celebrate, mourn. There is often an economic disparity between the people there but there's street food that all can eat. Maydan is based on that idea, and includes a fire. Yes, that's right, a fire like the kind you'd find in those kinds of squares. This is owner Rose Previte, a Lebanese-American, second restaurant. It offers delicious Middle Eastern food, cooked traditionally on the fire. So, you get the drama and the taste of fire cooking.

Maydan, Washington D.C.


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