Why do Business Consultants Hate Andy Jacob?

Why do Business Consultants Hate Andy Jacob?
Andy Jacob, CEO of Jacob Consulting Group, is unique among professional consultants.

Andy Jacob, CEO of Jacob Consulting Group, is unique among professional consultants. Heís a likeable person, but other business consultants donít want him anywhere near their customers for one distinct reason – Jacob gets better results in less time. Heís utilizing that ability by offering one-hour phone consultations.

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ďMost business owners are asking the wrong questions about their business and theyíre getting the wrong answers,Ē said Jacob.

While there are situations in which extended sessions may be called for, Jacob has the ability to immediately get to the heart of any business problem utilizing a series of questions heís developed over 20 years of experience. The vast majority of CEOs are most interested in expanding their reach into new markets and locations, but donít address the tough, underlying questions.

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Other CEOs simply avoid those questions, theyíre not sure how to respond, or they donít want to appear critical of systems already in place. The adage ďIf itís not broke, donít fix itĒ is rampant in the corporate world when in reality, shaking up systems and attitudes Ė even in small ways – can be beneficial for the longevity of a company.


Itís simply a fact of business that many business consultants make money through scheduling multiple sessions of problem solving, strategic planning, building business models and marketing plans, and helping clients develop better business skills. Surveys are popular tools to obtain input from a wider range of players in the hope of finding gold nuggets that can be utilized. Jacob looks at businesses in an entirely different way.

As a premiere consultant Jacob typically works with a clientele thatís so exclusive, he takes extraordinary measures to protect their identity and ensure their privacy. Businesses of any size and scope can now access Jacobís expertise by scheduling a one-hour consulting call and obtaining the unique insights for which heís well-known.

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Jacob has refined and fine-tuned the consulting process to an art form thatís able to obtain results in far less time than traditional approaches. His one-hour consulting can dramatically improve a clientís business in one hour or less and is specifically designed to identify any business problem with alacrity, while providing solutions that can be implemented efficiently and effectively.

About Andy Jacob

Andy Jacob is founder of the Jacob Consulting Group with more than 20 years of successful business building expertise and specializes in building better, stronger and faster companies. Heís been featured in national print and broadcast media, is a financial and business expert for multiple media outlets and the author of the new groundbreaking training program

ďClosing the Deal is Dead.Ē

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