ExtremeMist Founder Ron Laikind Interview

    ExtremeMist CEO Ron Laikind Interview
    ExtremeMist CEO Ron Laikind Interview

    Today, we are delighted to have Ron Laikind, the Founder and CEO of ExtremeMist†join us at our entrepreneur round table. ExtremeMist is the worldís first hands-free portable cooling system. The people at DotCom Magazine tested the ExtemeMist System on a recent hike up Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, Arizona, and walked away very impressed. We have voted the ExtremeMist System as one of the coolest new pieces of gear for hiking enthusiasts for 2019. The system keeps outdoor enthusiast cool so they can keep on going.

    1. Ron, we know you have explored some of the worldís hottest deserts. We have heard that you have had some precarious close calls on your adventure travels to these extreme environments. How did your travels lead to the invention of your ExtremeMist Portable Misting System?

    Andy, anytime you go hiking or trekking you are exposing yourself to the possibility of dehydration. It doesnít matter if itís hot or cold out. The body not only loses water thru perspiration but thru respiration as well, especially in dry high altitudes. Having said that, I not only live in the desert but have always been drawn to them for adventure traveling. Anyone attempting 200 plus trekking miles thru the worldís hottest deserts is bound to have some close calls relating to health issues and that certainly does not exclude me!

    Several desert treks back my itinerary lead me to Mali in Africa to the fabled city of Timbuktu. From there I decided to walk due north appx. 500 miles into the Sahara Desert. The short of it was, itís almost impossible to not become dehydrated to some degree.

    It was during this trek that my Camelier showed me an ancient trick to cool down, our close to boiling- point drinking water that we would pull from wells every 3-4 days along a caravan route. By placing a bowl of water on the scotching sands, slightly tilting it towards a breeze and under direct sunlight the water due to the evaporation process would turn cold. That was my ďah haĒ moment to integrate some sort of a portable misting system into by backpack.

    ExtremeMist CEO Ron Laikind Interview
    ExtremeMist CEO Ron Laikind Interview
    1. What has the response been from people on trails who see you wearing your system on your daily hikes?

    The response from people has been interesting. Because this is a first to market product, the larger percentage of hikers donít believe their own eyes. I see them look at the fog, then most of the time I can tell by their look that itís just not registering with their brain unless they are close enough to get a blast of the mist when I go by. Then they will usually stop in their tracks and ask what in the heck is going on and where can they get one for themselves.

    1. You have received an amazing endorsement from a Scottsdale firefighter who actually saw you using the mister to cool down a heat exhausted hiker. Can you tell us about that?

    Yeah, this last summer I assisted three different people that were in varying degrees of heat distress. The worst being unconscious in full out heat stroke. This was on fairly common mountainous hiking trails in N. Scottsdale AZ near my home. In all 3 cases I turned my PCS mist system on high and cooled down the people as they were sprawled out on the trails. It usually took 30-45 minutes for the rescue team to get on scene. Once there they always asked me to keep misting the person while they were assessing and starting IVís. They always mentioned how much that the cooling really helped.

    1. Why does mist work? Does it cool down the body temperature? Why is that important?

    Of course, in AZ one doesnít have to look hard to find a mist system in the summer. They are everywhere, on commercial buildings and on residential patios. These large, commercial systems will cool down the surrounding area up to 30F. You can start with even hot water and during the atomization process it comes out cool in the fine mist. Itís a physics thing! The PCS works on similar parameters. However, the PCS has multiple speeds controlled by a wireless key fob. On the lowest speeds, perfect for walking/hiking /running/cycling, the mist is heavier, not as atomized as the higher speeds. This allows for heavier, larger droplets that will allow the wearer to move into the mist and enjoy thousands of micro-droplets to directly hit the skin before evaporating. Also, by inhaling the soothing mist it helps cool you from the inside out as it helps with hydration. It also helps with runnerís dry throat.

    1. We actually saw a photo of a dog that had the mister set up on him. What other applications can the mister be used for besides hiking?

    Oh yeah you saw Highway! He loves to go out for walks no matter what time of year. But in hot climate zones you should never take a dog out when it hits 90F plus. Dogs cool down thru panting and mainly thru their chest and stomach areas. So, I bought a pair of saddlebags and installed a PCS retrofit kit the same as I would for any backpack. The mist nozzle clips to his collar. As he walks the cool mist goes right under him to the areas that need cooling. He loves it! I wear mine, he wears his.

    ExtremeMist also sells a string of hoses with 4 nozzles on it called the Quad. This is especially useful out of the pack. I have it hooked up to my 4-seater razor ATV by attaching it to its roll-bar, above each seat is a mist nozzle for air-conditioned comfort. I also use it on my hiking tent to make day time lounging possible even with greenhouse affect inside. Other uses, golf carts and caddies, lounge chairs at the pool or beach, fishing, boating, tailgating, festivals, cheering parents on the sidelines and anywhere else additional cooling may be needed.

    1. What has been the most challenging thing about bringing your product to market that other entrepreneurs can learn from?

    Where do I start with this one? Nothing is easy, or everyone would be doing it, as the saying goes. Right? From conception to first product run is challenging. I think from the conception basis having to get your head out of the clouds or in my case mist you have to be realistic in your expectations especially when it comes to design. You have to work with your engineers closely and most likely will need to make some compromises. Thatís never easy! Then selecting a manufacturer who gets it! Itís your idea, your baby so you really need a team who understands your mindset. On a start-up you usually are going to have to wear dozens of proverbial hats. Be prepared for long hours and a lot of up’s and downs along the journey. Try to stay in the moment but never let go of your original vision even if it morphs into directions you never foresaw. Try to have help from mentors, friends, family and paid consultants when affordable.

    1. You are a very accessible founder. People can actually call you and email you with questions about the system. Why have you decided to make yourself so available to your customers?

    I am an accessible founder! I put myÖ soul into this invention and I take customer service very personally. When a user gives a positive review, Iím like a proud Papa. If a customer has a problem, I want to personally walk them thru the fix or installation. I am however realistic about this. When the company scales internationally, it wonít be possible for me to handle every question, but by that time I will have a hand-picked, directly trained by myself a vested crew of like-minded people to oversee customer relations.

    1. There is a lot of interest in this product from companies in various sectors. Why do you think you have received so much interest so early in your business cycle?

    The answer is fairly straightforward. When itís hot outside most people give up a great portion of the activities they enjoy and need to hunker down until itís cooler out. With the Extrememist you can get out there and enjoy the out of doors much easier even in harsh environments such as Arizona my home State. Now with a quality handsfree personal cool system available, outdoor retailers can offer their customers an extended time outdoors and at the same time enjoy ancillary sales of footwear, packs, clothing, etc. It can turn a traditional down season into an up season.

    1. What is your ďWhyĒ? Why do you get up in the morning, and what makes you keep on going?

    What keeps me going? Iíve always been a rather extreme adventurer. The invention process fairly mirrors that same adrenaline-junkie mentality. If Iím not out on the trail or searching for treasure this fulfills that need of accomplishment and adrenaline rushes while at the same time helping other people to stay healthier while being extreme!

    1. Any final words for people that have an idea, but donít know how to take that first step to making their product a reality?

    The hardest thing is pulling the proverbial trigger on a new idea. I am as guilty as anyone about this. I have had so many ideas throughout my life that I never acted upon. It can be a daunting experience especially the first time you attempt it. How many of us has said, Hey, I thought of that a long time ago! My best advice is to vet your idea through a few close confidants who will be truthful about your idea regardless of your feelings. Then spend a lot of time searching it on google, etc. for anything close to it. Having an original idea is actually quite rare. If you are fairly confident in your idea, you can then either hire or do a patent search yourself. (Just because someone has not brought it to fruition doesnít mean that someone doesnít own the patent already.) If no one has patented your idea, I suggest you then seek out a patent attorney or service to continue rather than going it alone. At the same time consult with an engineering company. I donít suggest using companies that are advertised to bring your invention to market for you, unless you thoroughly investigate them. This is all just a small part of the process and you are going to need to spend some capital just to get to this point. But if you do get here strap yourself in for a hell of a ride!