Top 5 Android News Apps Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Android News Apps

Thanks to the rise of the internet, the way we consume news is completely different. Rather than relying on a newspaper editor or producer of a TV show to decide what is the important things we need to know and then to buy specific products, we’re now able to search around for the news that matters to us most. As there’s too many to mention here, we are going to pick out our favorite Android news apps that will help you stay connected and in the know about what you want to know.

Android news apps


Flipboard App

Flipboard is an incredibly popular news app that allows you to devise your own feed with all of your favorite news sites, sources and other places. It is a bit flashy and features large and vibrant images, animations and a user interface that resembles a digital magazine. You may also appreciate the fact that it does not cost anything to get the full use of all its features, of which some are better than others.


This is quite a fresh and new app. It works similarly to a lot out there in that you are given a news reader and can customize it to meet your own particular tastes. you are given the choice of 28 pre-determined topics, meaning you don’t have to spend ages digging to find the right sources. It also benefits from decent offline support; a nice range of topics and it’ll keep a record of what you’ve read. Although there are more comprehensive platforms out there, this is great if you’re not interested in spending a long time setting up everything. This one can also be downloaded and used free of charge.


Pocket App

Pocket is an incredibly unique news app. It doesn’t exactly offer content. Rather, it saves whatever content you come across through the course of a day. If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, chat or Twitter, you’ll come across things you don’t have time to read, or shouldn’t spend time reading them when you see them. That stuff can be placed in Pocket so you can check it out when you have more time to spend. You get a nice array of discovery features, a reasonable reading experience and handy offline support. There is both a free version and subscription version too.



Twitter is undoubtedly the best social media site and platform for getting a handle on the latest news. It is one of very few out there that still displays posts in order of when they were posted. Therefore, you get the benefit of seeing exactly what’s happening in the world right now. You get the benefit of trending topics, hashtags and a few other great and useful discovery functions. All you need to do is follow the sources you prefer. Your feed will just display the most recent posts by them.


This popular news app is actually an RSS Reader. Meaning you can pull from various sources and sites. The idea is you can build your own network of news sources that you trust. You can integrate it with various other platforms such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, OneNote, Evernote, Twitter and Facebook. You can access your feed on your mobile via the app and on your computer via the website and it is free to download and use.

Feedly App