Top 5 Best Boutique Consulting Firms Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Best Boutique Consulting Firms

IF you are looking for the help and advice of a successful, professional and highly reputable boutique consulting firm, look no further than our list. To help you cut down your search time, at DotCom Magazine we’ve put together our own list of what we believe are the top five firms of this kind operating in the country at the moment. These are five of the consulting firms you need to consider if you are looking to make your business a success, in whatever field or sector it operates in.


Putnam Associates

Medical Devices

The firm was established back in 1988 and has since then been serving numerous medical devices, diagnostics, and global biopharmaceutical clients. It has also been handling venture capital and private equity clients too, providing top-grade advice on strategies that are based on robust and sophisticated analytics. Their focus has always been to provide fully actionable recommendations that are completely customized for the client.

Insight Sourcing Group

Energy solution Service

Insight Sourcing Group is one of North America’s leading and foremost boutique consulting firms that focuses on procurement-related services and strategic sourcing. It has a reputation for having a stellar team that focuses firmly on the results of clients, their unique approach to space and their ability to deliver consistently robust outcomes. the firm was established in 2002 and specifically works with procurement leaders and senior execs to implement the best practices for procurement, provide intelligence on specific categories, increase the spend visibility and increase the savings made from strategic sourcing.


Founded by Geoff Smart, in 1995, ghSMART is a firm that was established after PHD dissertation study all about private equity management assessment was published and won awards. In the beginning, the leaders of ghSMART in the early days wanted to create a top-ranking firm that was involved in the increasingly prominent management assessment part of the professional sector. Nowadays, it is the heart of the company’s work – management assessment, but they also help their clients with a wide array of the most important and critical organizational and talent challenges they have.


IT services

This firm was established in 2006 by alumni from the Big 4 who were interested in having more flexibility in the services and products that could be provided to customers. They are firm believers that the best outcome of the work they do is the success of their clients and customers. Their teams nowadays feature experts in all areas of enterprise and they take pride in having the right collection of resources to strike the right balance between deep and functional expertise and strategic business acumen.

The Jacob Group

The Jacob Group is founded by Andy Jacob who has more than 20 years of experience in executive positions with establishing and leading high-growth companies and startups. He is considered a trailblazer in fields such as consumer monetization, online customer acquisition and consumer finance. You just have to read the various testimonials on the firmís website to see that it is a wise decision speaking with them.

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