Top 5 Best Franchises Announced By DotCom Magazine

Are you looking to make waves in the business world by joining up with the next big company? It may be worth your while checking out the next article, we have here at DotCom Magazine. In it we will be showcasing five of the best new franchises. All of the companies we have chosen have only been offering franchises for no more than five years and many of which are intriguing little ventures.


Two Maids & a Mop

Two Maids and a Mop as the name suggests is a cleaning company with franchising opportunities, based in Alabama. It was first established by Ron Holt in 2003. One of the notable things about this company is that it takes part in the Cleaning for a Reason initiative. That is a non-profit national organization that works with local cleaning firms to provide cancer patients with cleaning services.

Gym Guyz

Gym Guyz

While there have been lots of cleaning companies and franchise opportunities like the above, Gym Guyz is a unique offering. The company operates the first personal trainer and fitness in-home service and franchise. They bring workouts to the customer, wherever and whenever is right for them. The certified and fully trained trainers bring all the equipment and customized workout plans to the individual.

Champs Chicken

Ever fancied owning your own fried chicken shop? With the franchise program through Champs Chicken and the parent company PFSBrands you can. It is considered to be one of the biggest and fastest growing food service franchise in the US and already successful in more than 38 states. The brand is well recognized with a lot of fans of the tasty food, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not there are other fast food chicken restaurants in the area you are looking to set yours up.


Video Game

uBreakiFix, as you may be able to guess from its rather clever and catchy little name is a company that specializes in walk-in and mail-in repairs for all manner of electronics. This covers video game consoles, computers, tablets and of course, smartphones. It all started when the founder of the company broke his newly-purchased iPhone 3G and found it difficult to get it fixed. It was then that he and his friend from college, David Reiff started tinkering with broken iPhones and then offered a screen-fixing service through eBay before opening their first stores and the rest is history.

Lunchbox Wax

Lunchbox Wax is a fully functioning walk-in waxing salon that offers quick and easy services for whatever you need, when you need it. The concept behind it was that most beauty salons offer hair removal as an extra or afterthought, so the CEO, Debi Lane wanted to put it front and center. The beauty industry is always a successful one to venture into and because these are unique offerings with a service that can be sold to men and women, this is a great choice for a new franchise opportunity.

Lunchbox Wax