Top 5 Best New Businesses Announced By DotCom Magazine

There are new businesses cropping up every year – all vying for success. 2018 has not been any different. Therefore, DotCom Magazine has put together a list of five of our favorite new businesses in 2018. You may be surprised by some of our choices, but these are the companies that really excite us.

Start up Business




There are quite a few start-up companies that offer a direct-to-consumer service at the moment, such as Tuft & Needle, Leesa and Casper. However, Helix stands out as being the one mattress manufacturer that creates a completely bespoke mattress made to fit with your sleeping preference and style. As a result, you get a completely unique and satisfying sleeping experience and if you are not completely happy with it after 100 nights, you can just return the mattress.

Daily Harvest

Healthy Food

Daily Harvest follow in the footsteps of companies like Hello Fresh that deliver fresh and healthy food to your door. Daily Harvest specialize in healthy sundaes, parfaits, soups and extremely delicious looking smoothies. They are delivered to you in cups portioned out. All you need to do is blend the ingredients and then the tasty food of your choice is ready to eat in minutes. The idea, like many of the others doing similar things, is to make eating healthy easier and less time-consuming. The recent addition to the Daily Harvest line was their lattes.


Most pre-workout and post-workout supplements tend to be full of artificial ingredients and lots of chemicals. Revere therefore have tried to appeal to those looking for a more organic and natural approach to their workout regime with their line of plant-based energy products. These include natural ingredients such as beetroot and green tea. The great thing about using natural products you won’t suffer from the same crashes and jitters that occur when you use those with artificial ingredients.


Dog Food

Although a lot of money is put towards looking after their furry best friends, dog owners often neglect the whole area of nutrition. This is because there has always been an unspoken of trust towards the legacy pet foot brands that they are completely nutritious and safe to eat for dogs. However, lots of recalls and complaints have suggested that this might not be true, Ollie capitalizes on this lack of confidence in the big brands by providing dog food that is only made with real, natural ingredients and formulated with the help of an animal nutritionist. Furthermore, the meals are all pre-portioned specifically for your dog and delivered directly to your front door.


So many start-ups are cropping up that deliver direct-to-consumer products. Boie are the latest and toothbrushes are their business. They offer toothbrushes that stand out because they are gentle anti-microbial and sustainable. They are constructed from materials free from BPA and reportedly will last as much as two times more than conventional brushes. Furthermore, they are easy to switch when the time is right, simply order a new head and replace the old one.