Top 5 Best New Outdoor Products Announced By DotCom Magazine

While our modern lifestyles seem to draw us inside more and more, there are still some people out there who are using technology to enjoy better outdoor lifestyles. In the following article therefore, DotCom Magazine highlight some of the best new outdoor products of 2018 that can make the experience of getting in touch with nature or following extreme sports and other activities all the more amazing.


Xtreme Running Shoe Lights

Running Lights Shoe

One of the problems when you are running at night is visibility. Sure, you can strap a headtorch or something like that, but for some people that is not very practical and can be distracting. Enter then the Xtreme shoe lights from Night Trek. these blast light with a brightness of as much as 400-lumens and can provide you with visibility of over 50-feet ahead. If that wasn’t enough, the rear-facing red lights that are included too, help you to keep abreast of what is behind you as well.

Oakley Harmony Fade

Olympic Games

These were used in the Olympic Games in South Korea with Oakley brand ambassadors and sponsored athletes like Stale Sandbech and Mikaela Shiffrin wearing them. The eyewear masters designed this collection as a celebration of the commitment and journey athletes need to make to get to the highest level of their chosen discipline. They provide vibrant and pristine clarity thanks to the Prizm lenses and come in a variety of different snow goggle and sunglasses models.

Corkcicle Ivanhoe Duffel

Waterproof Bag

The Corkcicle Ivanhoe duffel bag, if the name didn’t give it away, is a duffel bag designed to hold your beer. Corkcicle launched the soft cooler towards the start of the year and benefits from water-resistant and durable zippers and a fully-insulated waterproof fabric. A much cooler, trendier version than some of the hardcase coolers you may be more familiar with.

BC Link 2.0

The BC Link is an incredibly popular radio used by skiers when traversing the backcountry. The BC Link 2.0 is the latest upgrade to this model and benefits from two times as much power to provide a much higher maximum coverage range. It also has a new industrial-style design that provides more ergonomic switches, better water resistance and an improved durability. If that wasn’t enough to tantalize you, then the fact that it is around 11% lighter than the original model, just might.


Lynq is a great product for when you are participating in outdoor activities in a group. It enables you to stay connected and keep track of where one another is, even when there is no cell phone signal. It displays the direction and distance of everyone in the group in real-time, as long as they are carrying their own device. Each Lynq can track as many as 12 people and is powered by a rechargeable battery that provides three days of use on a single charge. As well as being great for keeping track of your group when skiing, hiking or something like that, it could just as easily be used by schools or parents to keep track of children.

Signal Controller Device