Top 5 Best Small-Business Apps of 2018 Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Best Small-Business Apps of 2018

When you run your own small business, you usually have to wear a lot of different hats and if you are looking to improve your productivity and organizational skills, or just want to make things a lot easier, a small business app might be just the thing you need. However, there’s plenty out there to choose from. Which ones should you consider? In the following post, our team at DotCom Magazine are going to help you find some of the real gems out there by highlighting our favorite five small business apps in 2018.

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QuickBooks Business App

You’ve undoubtedly heard of QuickBooks. It is an accounting software that helps you to run your business and gives you insight into the overall health financially of your business. It can be used to track the expenses and sales of your business, look at financial statements and other things such as loss and profit reports, as well as track unpaid invoices, pay your vendors and employees. It can connect with literally thousands of accounts, including the likes of Square, PayPal, credit cards, business bank accounts and can take data from these seamlessly. QuickBooks also simplifies tasks like taxes and helps you keep track of your expenses and can upload pictures of receipts from your smartphone.


Skype(Video Call App)

Even though many pretenders to their throne have come along, but Skype is still the most popular and best really at what it does, and there is more than 10m reviews on Google Play to prove it. Videoconferencing with Skype is as easy as pie and you have the ability to voice or video call anyone, anywhere across the world, with a maximum of 25 people on the same call. You can transmit, files, photos and videos of any size, send voice or text messages and even share your screen.


OmniFocus allows you to show users what is due and when it is down, you can also review tasks that have been completed and it will sync everything up between your desktop and phone. What’s more it will work on all Apple related devices.


Online Payment App

Square is a good payment app for businesses like retailers, beauty salons and food trucks. All users get a small card reader that can be attached to their smartphone or other device to accept convenient and very fast payments. There is also the option of Square Register which is a POS for businesses that have a traditional store.


Trello is an incredibly easy and intuitive to use project management platform that allows you the ability to fully track the workflow of your team. You can create cards on the Trello board that represent either a task or an assignment. You are able to add stickers, labels, due dates, checklists, attachments, comments and members that can help to make the cards as helpfully detailed as possible. Any time you make changes to a card, all members will be notified either by mobile or email.

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