Top 5 Best Travel Apps for 2018 Announced By Dot Com Magazine

5 Best Travel Apps for 2018

Apps make it much easier to get hold of the information you need, from advice about transportation to what the weather’s like, even if digital services in the travel industry tend to have very mobile-friendly sites. If you’re struggling to figure out which, from the large plethora there is in existence, DotCom Magazine are happy to share with you in this post, our top 5 travel apps.

Travel Apps

Google Translate

Google Map

Until we have something like the instant translation device that Star Trek used, Google Translate will have to do. As well as the ability to translate text in 103 languages, while connected, and 59 in offline mode, you can also use photos of signs or draw certain characters on-screen and it will translate these – this function covers around 37 and 32 languages respectively. This is by far the best way to conduct bi-lingual conversations without the use of a foreign language dictionary.



If you like to get a real feel for the place you’re visiting by using the public transport, Citymapper is one of the best apps to help you do it easily. As well as maps for subways, trams and buses it can display the real-time arrival and departure times and gives you disruption alerts, bike share and bike routing information. You are even able to use it integrated with Uber. It has wide coverage, with the top 10 cities in Canada and America, along with cities in Lt America, Australia, Asia and Europe. #


Skyscanner is an app that is like Orbitz, Expedia and Kayak all rolled into one, after several espressos. It’s user-friendly and allows you to search discounted prices on anything from hotels and car rentals to flights, comparing lots at one time. You are not charged any hidden fees and can use price alerts and record the amount of frequent flier points you have.

Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi Map helps with that necessity we all have when we are travelling – access to Wi-Fi. This free app utilizes crowdsourcing to build a comprehensive map of the Wi-Fi services that are available, protected and free networks, as well as helpful tips and passwords that have been uploaded by other app users.



It is inevitable to have some down time occasionally when traveling in our modern world. If you are a regular jet-setter, this may mean having hours and hours to kill before you have to catch another flight, which is not so much fun when you need to just have a shower. Dayuse therefore, can help. It’s a free app that enables you to book rooms in hotels for just a few hours, normally at discounted prices. There’s more than 4,000 establishments listed in 20 countries in over 100 cities. This is the easiest way to find somewhere you can get yourself clean, have a sleep, workout at the gym or do whatever else you want in the time you have to spend before your next available flight.

Dayuse(Hotel Booking App)