Top 5 Cities to Live in for a Fashion Career Announced By Dot Com Magazine

5 Cities to Live in for a Fashion Career

If you are interested in having a fashion career, but, haven't had much in the way of success, it could be that your location is to blame. After all, it is an exceptionally competitive industry, so making sure you are in the right place at the right time can sometimes make the difference. So why not consider moving to a place where you are more likely to have a chance of success. To help you out though, as there are so many different places you can choose from, we're going to help you out as the team here at Dotcom Magazine discuss the top 5 places you might want to move in.



London Fashion Week

No list about fashion and finding a career in this industry would be complete without London, New York, Milan, Paris and Las Vegas. So first up on our list is London. London is home to many of the big fashion houses and labels in the world. London Fashion Week is one of the biggest events in the whole of the fashion industry calendar. Lots of models and designers alike have made their name in London.


If you're going to make it big in fashion, why not do it in the heart of the cosmopolitan and modern Italy, at Milan. Milan Fashion Week is another mainstay of the industry's calendar. Obviously, Italy is for many people the home of fashion, with Armani, Versace and Gucci, three of the biggest names in fashion all having bases in Italy, though not all in Milan itself. Milan is also a great place to stay and there's lots to see and do.


Paris Fashion Week

Paris is more than just the most romantic city on the planet. It plays host to Paris Fashion Week and has events throughout the year, as well as being home to a number of the biggest brands and labels in the world of fashion. If you are looking to make it as a model or are wanting to break into more of the design and manufacturing side, this is still an ideal place to be located.

New York

New York Fashion Week

How does the song go? If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere? That’s certainly true of fashion. It has New York Fashion Week for one thing and a plethora of other events throughout the year. You will also find many of the biggest brands and labels either have headquarters in the city that never sleeps or at least offices and operational buildings.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, need we say more. Who wouldn’t want to make it as a model or as a fashion designer in Sin City? It’s exciting, never seems to sleep and has a no-holds-barred attitude to everything. Even if you are not interested in gambling away your life’s earnings there, you can make a real killing if you are found at right place at the right time.

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