Top 5 Companies to Work for in the US Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Companies to Work for in the US

Have you ever wondered which of the most successful and highest-ranking companies are actually worth working for? It may be true that a company is successful and makes a lot of money, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they treat their workforce fairly or that it is ‘good’ to work for them. In the following post, at DotCom Magazine we share with you our fine readers the top five, as we see it, companies to work for right now in America. Our post was helped in part by the findings from the Workplace Dynamics poll, that took into consideration 607,000 workers at 872 different companies and is therefore more extensive than the similar poll conducted by Fortune and Glassdoor.

Top Companies

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm is a bedding speciality retailer that has the biggest geographic footprint in the US. It is based in Houston and was originally established in 1986. Interestingly, the company suffered some major financial difficulties when it filed for bankruptcy in October 2018. It originally planned to close around 200 of its least profitable stores and considered close 500 others from the 3,300 that made up its complete operation. However, by November, it has since come out of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing.

NuStar Energy

Fuel Refinery

NuStar Energy is a company based in San Antonio that has a total of 90 storage and terminal facilities for speciality liquids, refined products and crude oil, as well as one fuel refinery and two asphalt refineries. As of the close of 2015, NuStar had a total of 1,251 domestic employees as well as 393 workers who performed services for them on an international level.

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

Petroleum Corporation

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is a company based in the Texan Woodlands area and is one of the biggest independent natural gas and oil exploration production companies, not just in America, but the world. As of 2017 it had in its employ a total of 4,400 workers.


The Container Store

The Container Store is a company based in Coppell, Texas. It is an organization and storage retailer that operates on a nationwide level with the aim of helping people to simplify their lives. It was first established in 1978 and has thus far been voted as one of the 100 best companies to work for listed in Forbes for over 17 years.

Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans is thought to be the biggest mortgage lender retailer in the online market. According to the CEO of WorkplaceDynamics, Doug Claffey, the reason that Quicken Loans is always high ranking on the best companies to work for lists is down to their coherent culture. All of the staff, from the very bottom to the very top love what they are doing and therefore are fully satisfied with their positions at the firm. The company is based in Detroit, Michigan and was founded in 1985 and from that point until 1999 it was known as Rock Financial.

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