Top 5 Coolest Gadgets of CES 2018 Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Coolest Gadgets of CES 2018

Every year, in January, tech companies gather from all over the world in Las Vegas to show-off what they’ve been working on. The formerly known as Consumer Electronics Show is now referred to as CES. Although it doesn’t always showcase tech, you’ll actually be able to get your hands on in the near future, it is still a great insight into what the biggest tech companies are spending their time and money on. In 2018, there was a real focus on enhancing communication between gadgets in a smart home environment, giving your car a more personal feel and putting screens just about everywhere and anywhere. DotCom Magazine have picked out our top 5 of the coolest gadgets that were showcased at the event.

Communication Gadgets


Lenovo Smart Display

Lenovo Smart Phone

The Lenovo Smart Display has been designed and built to work in conjunction with Google Assistant and has all the feel and looks of a sexier and slicker Amazon Echo Show. It is voice-activated, similarly to the Echo Show, and has a screen that can supply supplementary information to what Google Assistant tells you. So, if you ask for recommendations for eateries in your area, it will show information about those nearest to you on the screen. The biggest things that separate this from the Echo Show however, is the fact that it is able to play YouTube videos, has a much bigger screen and thanks to its slicker and more attractive design, fits in with your home’s decor more easily.

My Special Aflac Duck

While most smart robotic toys are often designed with educational uses in mind, the My Special Aflac duck has a more important and slightly different use. It has been designed to provide kids with cancer with comfort. Kids are able to mirror their routines for care with the duck and can more easily express how they are feeling by holding onto the circular token and pressing it to the duck’s chest. They can choose to face the frowning face or the happy face towards the duck.

Vuzix Blade Augmented Reality Glasses

Digital Glasses

As Alexa is in just about everything that has an internet connection, it is was only going to be a small amount of time before a digital butler was introduced into smart glasses. These new augmented reality glasses are going to be able to support Alexa so anyone wearing them can ask for information about directions and weather. Compared to Google Glass, the display sits actually a bit more in the wearer’s field of vision and produces more colorful and crisper views.

Byton Concept Car

The company behind this car, Byton are looking to develop a car that feels as comfortable as your front room than a simple vehicle. It is looking to launch the concept car in 2020. By far the most interesting feature of it is the huge screen which is as wide as the dashboard. The car will function with facial recognition to help identify the driver and use their own preferred settings when they enter it.

Philips Smart Sleep

The Philips Smart Sleep is a headband that won’t exactly give you more sleep. It has actually been designed with the aim of improving the sleep you get. It is set to do this by emitting a tone that cane improve your slow wave sleep, a stage in the sleeping cycle when slow breathing and brain waves are at their lowest.

Smart Sleep