Top 5 Los Angeles Startups Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Los Angeles Startups

During 2017 tech companies in California generated profits of $7b, with startups being launched across various industries. These startups have attracted all the top talent and funds from local investors. The expectations have been incredibly high in both Orange County and Los Angeles thanks to their being so many innovative start-ups. In the following article therefore, DotCom Magazine have chosen our five favorites of the newest Los Angeles-based startups making a name for themselves.



Brainjolt is a digital media company based in Pasadena and creates and distributes branded content with a reach of 300m users each month. They specialize particularly in a wide range of different addictive media, operating some of the most successful and exciting mobile sites throughout the world. The flagship site of the company known as 22 Words, has more than 18m visitors every month, while another called MagiQuiz has visitors stay for four minutes on average.


Healthcare Industries

Gem wants to use blockchain in order to cause a disruption in silo mentality developed by businesses and wants to help create a network that is more unified. They are based just by Venice Beach and enable businesses share data and work towards establishing a relationship that is more transparent. The aim is to push for greater teamwork to create innovations and solutions in the supply chain and healthcare industries.

Divergent 3D

Divergent 3D was formed in 2014 and is developing an especially innovative tech that could change the design and manufacturing of cars. Its hardware/software platform gives manufacturers access to cheaper and newer methods for developing parts, helping to reduce the production time. It managed to raise an incredible $88m from two different funds. The most recent of which was expected to come through in November.



The stress that surrounds moving home and the actual process itself are two things that most people share a hatred for. That is why, in 2014, the startup known as Clutter was formed and developed a service that for a flat, very low rate will collect and put items into storage. When you need specific items, further down the line, it will deliver them, removing the fuss from moving things in and out of storage. This means that you no longer have to just have everything in boxes in that spare room that you know will just stay there for weeks and possibly even months. You can just opt to take the things you really need and leave the rest in the capable hands of Clutter.


While it’s completely true that 2016 wasn’t a particularly good year for the e-commerce giant that was Nasty Gal. When founder Sophia Amoruso parted with the company and filed for bankruptcy, she managed to acquire $20m was then free to give full attention to her next business venture, GirlBoss. This is a media startup she started first in 2017 and has the goal of empowering women with its originally created content.

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