Top 5 Places for Business and Careers Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Places for Business and Careers

Thanks in part to Jeff Bezos and being based in Seattle, it has risen to become one of, if not, the best place for a business and career in the US. With that in mind, alongside Seattle, we have put together a post, here at DotCom Magazine, looking at the five best places to have a business or career in. So, if you’re looking for inspiration where you should move if you feel your professional life is a bit stagnate, this post may be of help.

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Portland, Oregon

According to Forbes and their lists, Portland has been in the top five cities for business over the last four years. Much of the credit for this goes to the large number of millennials that have been highly educated and the strong growth prospects the city has. It is considered one of the greenest or eco-friendly city, not just in this country, but the world. It is especially famous for its micro-distilleries, love of coffee and craft beer.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte Financial Center

Over the years, Charlotte has become one of the most important financial centers in the U.S., actually ranking second behind New York City. Its name is taken from Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Stelitz, the British King George III’s queen consort when the city was founded. Some highly reputable colleges and universities are based here, including Charlotte School of Law, Clinton Junior College Johnson & Wales University. The major industries catered for in the city include energy, motorsports and financial services.

Austin, Texas

Education Center

Austin is known for having a high percentage of millennials educated to an exceptionally high standard. It was coined the nickname of Silicon Hills in the 90s, due to the numerous tech corporations that call the city home. In recent years it has become known for its other city-wide passion, live music. Since South by Southwest was instigated, every year it becomes the hub for live music with over 2,000 performers playing live music over the course of four days in March. Educationally, it is home to the University of Texas at Austin. This, as well as being a highly reputable education center, is the flagship university for the University of Texas System. There is many biotech, pharmaceutical and tech companies based in Austin.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Known as the Crossroads of the West due to its central location, it is home to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints headquarters, but nowadays less than 50% of the population is Mormon. The city has grown a very successful outdoor activity tourist industry, mainly focused on skiing, but is also known as an important center for transportation and industrial banking.

Seattle, Washington

Although it has only made the top of any best business city lists recently, Seattle is not a surprising recipient for that reward, as the world’s richest people, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos live there. It is reckoned that their combined net worth is something in the region of $250b. The city has the nickname Emerald City, thanks to the large array of evergreen forests in the area. It also has the unofficial name of Jet City or Rain City; the jet part is a reference to the fact that Boeing being formed there. The rain part is a little easier to understand.

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