Top 5 Startups to Work For – Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Startups to Work For

You need to forget everything you think you know about the hottest startups in the country. You don’t need to be involved in the tech industry, or even live anywhere near Silicon Valley. In recently lists of the country’s top 50 startups, there was a large number of consumer-focused companies that aren’t in the tech industry parse. Startups such as Allbirds, Away and Halo Top Creamery all had high rankings. To show you the kind of startups you could be working for, DotCom Magazine are happy to share what we feel are our top five.



Lyft a transportation company situated in San Francisco that offers its services on-demand. It is responsible for the design, marketing and operation of the app of the same name. Since it started in 2012, it has now grown in size and is fully operational in more than 300 cities throughout the country, such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. They reportedly have provided around 1m rides every day and as of June this year it was valued at $15.1b and raised funding totaling $5.1b.



Allbirds is an increasingly popular DTC or Direct to customer startup that designs eco-friendly footwear. The first show the company made was the Wool Runner, using superfine merino wool from New Zealand and has claimed that it tries to be environmentally-friendly as it possible can be and has been awarded a B corporation certification. In March of 2018, Allbirds started to offer footwear that used eucalyptus tree fiber in its construction and in August that year released a collection of flip-flops constructed from bioplastic foam derived from sugar cane. The company is reported to have a value of $1.4b.

Halo Top Creamery

If you love ice cream, especially ice cream with healthy edge, you’d probably enjoy working for Halo Top Creamery. This startup was first established in 2011 and has subsequently became the best-selling ice cream branded pint in grocery stores, ahead of Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s. The company describes its product as ice cream as the first ‘lifestyle’ variety and can be consumed on a daily basis without going too far over the normal typical intake of calories. They even offer dairy-free and vegan flavors and have three different physical stores, that provide soft serve and by-the-scoop ice creams.


skincare Product

Glossier is a startup focused on beauty and skincare. It differs from many of the other startups and existing companies in this busy area of the marketplace in that it has established its own so-called ‘beauty eco-system’ powered by people. It is a place where customers can find products that are inspired by the people who make use of them, as well people they can be inspired by and that they can inspire. It was started around the simple fact that beauty is an individual thing and not created in a boardroom. It has been incredibly successful over the last few years.


Ellevest, in a world that is trying to evolve and change from a men-dominated environment. Sallie Krawcheck the CEO and founder has made it her mission in life to give full financial power to women and giving them the opportunity to invest in their biggest life goals.