Top 5 Tech Startups in Cleveland Announced By Dot Com Magazine

Top 5 Tech Startups in Cleveland

If someone was to ask you where the big tech startup hubs were in the US, it’s unlikely that you’d immediately mention Cleveland, Ohio. However, over the last few years, it really is becoming a place where various interesting and innovative startups are making waves in their own respective niches and industries. With this in mind, take a look with us at the team here at DotCom Magazine’s top five tech startups in Cleveland that you should be keeping a close eye on, if you aren’t already.

Tech Startups


Wisr is a tech startup that has designed and developed a special app and platform that students and alumni can use to stay fully connected. At present the company is partnered with Cedarville University, Oberlin University, Deninson University, Case Western Reserve University and the University of Chicago. There are also many other educational institutions and universities that have partnered up with the innovative company. It remains to be seen how many more universities up and down the country that will also join the Wisr family.


Develops Mobile

OnShift is a startup company that designs and develops mobile and cloud-based apps that will help healthcare professionals to maintain an organized and productive work schedule. It is basically a package that compromises of some highly reputable and award-winning solutions for workforce management, but differs from other tech like it because it is fully focused on senior living and long-term care workers.

Micro Fantasy

Calling all sports fans, we have something that might interest you for the next entry in this post, Micro Fantasy. This is a fantasy sports app. It enables you to make predictions about forthcoming actions and plays, transforming your smartphone into an immersive and engaging fantasy sports fully-integrated experience. The company was founded by Joel Crites while he was in the crowd of a Cleveland Indian’s home game. He came up with the idea as a way of better engaging with his very young son at the time over the game.


Baby Chair

Komae is a startup who created an app that was first designed by two clever stay-at-home moms, Amy Husted and Audrey Wallace. The purpose of the app was to give parents the opportunity to received completely free, crowdsourced babysitting from their own personal network of family and friends. Komae users can earn points that allows them to exchange or redeem services for their points. This is a perfect way of combining gamification with a real-world demand.


MacroPoint has designed and developed a visibility platform for the global freight market that 3PLs, brokers and shippers can benefit from. Their management solution for freights provides help for companies who want to track cargo as it is taken across third-party and privately-owned rail and road transportation networks, as well as many other important uses. It may not sound like the most impressive or even the most exciting thing to the casual reader, but for people in those kinds of industries, this is a surefire hit.

Road Transportation