Entrepreneurs Get Free Help from Andy Jacob with Beautiful Startup Quiz

Business Consultant, Andy Jacob, Announces Release of the Sales Bible in Late 2019
Andy Jacob, CEO of Jacob Consulting Group, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning business consultant.

Palo Alto, CA – Feb. 9, 2019 – Andy Jacob, CEO of Jacob Consulting Group, is a business expert recognized for his ability to achieve remarkable business results. Entrepreneurs around the world are now getting the benefit of that expertise for free with his Beautiful Startup Quiz and a one-hour consultation.

Jacob knows that a great idea doesn’t necessarily translate into a viable startup. Even with stellar market research, a well-conceived business plan and sufficient funding, 80-90 percent of all startups will fail within the first year. Entrepreneurs simply aren’t prepared for the real life situations they’ll encounter or the competition they’ll face no matter how innovative their product or service.

The free Beautiful Startup Quiz requires entrepreneurs to be brutally honest when they answer 11 questions that are at the core of every startup. Best answered aloud to a trusted partner or employee, the Quiz provides fledgling startup owners with valuable insights that will surprise them in how they’ll handle situations encompassing competitors, copying of ideas, and customer acquisition.

Most individuals will discover they’re not as prepared for a launch as they thought. A full 97 percent of all successful business owners seek outside assistance and Jacob is providing that help with a free, one-hour strategy session. His free one-hour coaching and consultations are changing the way entrepreneurs view their enterprise and how they approach the common road bumps that few ever anticipate.

Entrepreneurs quickly discover that they have little time and they’re burning through their cash quicker than anticipated, only to discover that someone else is working on a project that’s uncannily similar to their own. A significant number of entrepreneurs are so enamored of the technology aspect of their endeavor that they’ve completely forgotten about their potential customers.

Jacob can help entrepreneurs with all those situations. He’s helped thousands of entrepreneurs with obtaining free publicity, development problems, and their pitches. The award-winning business consultant can also help with marketing and time management issues, identifying strengths, and establishing a competitive edge.

Jacob is a business pioneer and master of marketing and strategy development for startups. His Beautiful Startup Quiz provides answers and insights into some of the toughest challenges that entrepreneurs face. Individuals can use that information to follow up with a free, one-hour consultation with Jacob to set them on a course for success.

About Andy Jacob

Andy Jacob is founder of the Jacob Consulting Group with more than 20 years of successful business building expertise and specializes in building better, stronger and faster companies. He’s been featured in national print and broadcast media, is a financial and business expert for multiple media outlets and the originator of the new groundbreaking training program,

“Closing the Deal is Dead.”

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