5 More Interesting Businesses that You will get to know in 2019 Announced By DotCom Magazine

Interesting Businesses
Interesting Businesses

In the last couple of recent posts, we’ve published, the team here at DotCom Magazine have been highlighting a selection of startups that have caught our eye as we head further into 2019. In this new post we are going to look at five more startups that are extremely interesting and intriguing for one reason or another. Whether it’s their practicality or the ingenuity, we feel they are worth looking into further.


The first on our list we want to talk about is Civil. This is a journalism network that is owned by the community that uses it and is based on trust and transparency. A lot of new and independent newsrooms are calling it home and it is transforming how journalism works, funds users and provides resources. It may sound like just pipe dream kind of talk, but the fact that it was given funding amounting to £15m tells us this is going to be something very special in the coming year.


Another great Adhara destined to be a massive success is Adhara. This is a company looking to take cryptocurrencies into the transactions made through mainstream banking institutions. The owner is a former banking professional and wants to switch traditional currency transactions into cryptocurrencies. ConsenSys, which already has a history of investing in companies using cryptocurrencies has provided the funding to the company.

Traditional currency transactions into cryptocurrencies
Traditional currency transactions into cryptocurrencies


Bundil was formed when there was a growing interest in cryptocurrencies. Dimitry Love is the founder of the company who established it when members of his family were starting to ask him some questions about how they would invest into cryptocurrencies. Perhaps you don’t know, but in order to invest in cryptocurrencies you need to pass various steps to get to that stage.

With Bundil you can invest spare change from debit and credit card purchases into a wide variety of different cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin Cash, LiteCoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin. With the platform there is daily transactions when buying lunch or coffee, taking it right down to zero and invests the leftover change into cryptocurrency.


Based in New Zealand, 3DFY incorporates the use of cutting-edge 3D scanners to create full-color photorealistic models and miniature replicas of just about anything from full body printing to human model printing and color modelling.

3D Scanners
3D Scanners


BooksARalive is a startup company behind a product that helps to bring stories to life using augmented reality technology. This can be used in a variety of different ways, including to make children’s educational books even more engaging and interesting for them.

Imagine your child being able to see the dimensions of the chocolate factory as described by Roald Dahl before their very eyes, as they read through the book. The idea was formulated during a trip to Spain, so they decided to put all their eggs into this particularly clever basket and used a one-way ticket to head out to America to start working on it properly.