5 More Interesting Startups You need To Watch For in 2019 Announced By DotCom Magazine

Favorite New Startups
Favorite New Startups

Following on from a recent post we published here at DotCom Magazine, we have decided to highlight five more of our favorite new startups. As there are so many great and intriguing startups forming and predicted to achieve big things in the coming year, check out the following. We, again, have chosen not just the most popular, but the ones that we feel are the most thrilling and really bring something new to the table.


DecorMatters is a startup that has designed an app that utilizes Augmented Reality technology to transform how you buy home décor accessories and products on the internet. It really is a more futuristic way to shop. A way we were promised when AR first made an appearance many moons ago. You can use the app to envision what the home decoration experience you will have with specific products. With the help of your smartphone camera, the app uses image recognition and computer vision tech to show you how specific furnishings will look in your home.

Home Décor Accessories


If you are a retail store owner looking to improve your returns, Hivery might be the app from the startup of the same name, for you. Tis uses prediction models powered by AI and a select committee of data scientists who can create visual representations of numbers that retailers will understand easily.


If you have a cat who takes care of their business indoors, you will know how much of a time-consuming pain it can be to deal with used cat litter. It takes, in some cases, around 20 minutes of time, when you do it twice a day. However, with an ingenious AI-powered invention that is basically an automated version of a litter box that can not only clean itself, but it also assesses your cat’s health and monitors how long it takes for him or her to do their business, how much litter there is and relates this back to the app, updating the information that cat owners can use in the monitoring and assessment of their own cats.

Deep Map

Deep Map is a startup that provides HD maps to owners with self-driving cars, making it easier to navigate around a city without obstructions. The maps can be easily integrated with any self-driving car fleet and expand whenever new data is made available. It utilizes specially formulated onboard sense to predict what’s around and see the road.

HD maps to owners with self-driving cars
HD maps to owners with self-driving cars


US buildings contribute to 39% of all carbon emissions and the biggest percentage of that comes from cooling and heating. Dandelion is a startup business that is focused on using geothermal pumps to harness energy sourced from beneath the surface of the earth to keep houses cold and hot depending on what’s appropriate for the season. It also helps to provide hot water for properties.

According to the CEO of the company, they established the company to stop homeowners needing to use truck-delivered fuels that are more expensive than necessary.