Five Cool Companies our Editorial Team Is Talking About Announced By DotCom Magazine

It can be hard to keep up sometimes with all the new and not so much new but gaining traction companies out there. Thatís why we decided to put this post together, to showcase some of the companies that interested us.

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Mindoula is an intriguing company that specializes in next-gen behavioral health management through the delivery of tech-enhanced 24/7 psychiatric services and care extensions. It is aimed at people with medical comorbidities and behavioral health challenges at virtually any place in the care continuum. The founders launched the service because they had all experienced mental illness, whether it was through a loved one or personally and realized the country has a broken behavioral health system and came up with the business to fix it.

Health Care


Progyny is a company that offers a smarter and more effective approach to fertility benefit solutions. They utilize the very best in leading science and have on hand the largest number of specialists in fertility across the country. This is all with the aim to deliver far superior outcomes clinically and make the path to pregnancy much shorter. The organization sees it as its duty and that they are putting the power into more potential parentís hands to help them reach their goal of mother and fatherhood.


PopSockets is such a ridiculously simple, but incredibly ingenious idea for a business and product that we felt it would be a travesty not to feature it in this post. The company was founded in 2010 when the founder was looking at ways to stop his earphone cable from getting tangled, as it did almost all the time. The first solution he came up with was to glue to buttons onto the back of his smartphone and then use the buttons to wrap the cord around. It may not sound like the most aesthetically-pleasing solution, but it certainly was practical and effective. As they gained in popularity, he continued to perfect them and they are still very popular nowadays, even more so.

Earphone Cable
Earphone Cable

Pantherx Specialty Pharmacy

Pantherx Specialty Pharmacy is another intriguing inclusion here because they are a pharmacy that specifically provides care and medicine for patients who have the rarest diseases throughout the country. People who have conditions and diseases like Hypophosphatasia, infantile spasms, polycystic kidney disease and tardive dyskinesia.


According to Ubiome, we all have our own microbiome that is a trillion-strong collection of microorganisms on our bodies and they have an important part to play in our overall wellness. They make sure we are healthy, with some enabling our guts to manufacture vitamins properly and digest fiber. Whereas some are quite harmful.
With the combination of advances statistical analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with the patented precision sequencing technique, we analyze a sample of your microbiome to check the microbes.

Human body Microbes

As you can probably see, there is a very strong medical and health theme running through the choices above. That is deliberate because we feel, at DotCom Magazine that the companies that are the most interesting are those doing things to help us medically. Itís all well and good having a gadget that can help you play golf better or that will play whatever song you want, but things that can help you stay well, fit and healthy are worthy purchases.