Five Interesting Companies Doing Great Things Announced By DotCom Magazine

There are many new and up-and-coming businesses and companies out there. Some are more exciting and interesting than others. Having said that, even companies that perhaps sound bored are not necessarily boring and could be hiding the extent of the excellent technology is involved in their business. In the following post from DotCom Magazine we wanted to highlight some businesses that we believe are doing genuinely great things.

Businesses Company


Chomps is a business that takes classic snacks like beef jerky and other things you are likely to pick up at a gas station and turns them into healthier versions. The founder was a fan of those meat snacks when he was younger and only really realized how unhealthy they were when he was older. So, he came up with an idea to make grass-fed, healthier versions without any artificial preservatives and additives. Healthy fats, fruit, vegetables and lean proteins replaced all the sugars and gluten. We highlighted this company because who doesn’t like to snack? But to know those snacks are not bad for you is great.

Morning Lavender

Morning Lavender is a (mostly) online boutique for women’s clothing that takes inspiration from all things pretty in nature. Their pieces are designed to freshly and personally curated with the everyday woman in mind, so that the collection is feminine, affordable and has a classic charm. They do the styling and searching for you to make it easier and at the store you can get bottoms, tops, dresses and other stylish items and accessories.


Love Your Melon

When you look at what Love Your Melon and what they are doing it is not too difficult to understand why we’ve highlighted this company. They are an apparel brand that have the mission of providing a hat for every kid who is suffering from and battling against pediatric cancer, while also donating a percentage of their sales towards the ongoing battle. 50% to be precise is what they donate from the sale of their products.

Acuity Surgical

Acuity Surgical

At Acuity Surgical they create spinal implant solutions and are involved in all aspects of the production. The word in the name ‘acuity’ means insight. Therefore, Acuity Surgical should give you the idea that they are an insight-driven business. They are not some invisible force just trying to make money. They are ultimately concerned with making things better for care teams, patients and the spinal surgeons that use their solutions.


Reduce is a business that was formed when the owner was tired of taking countless plastic bottle waters up and down the stairs to his then-girlfriend (no wife)’s apartment. In his role as a product designer he worked on creating a product that was simplistic, stylish and environmentally sustainable. WaterWeek is probably one of their inventions that you may be familiar with – this is a system that has five bottles that can be filled and reused repeatedly. The bottles are decoratively designed and contain no BPA. Thanks to the space-saving tray, you fill them up and then keep them in your fridge, using them as needed.

Water Bottle