Five Interesting Companies that Caught Our Editors Eye For 2019 Announced By DotCom Magazine

DotCom Magazine has been looking at some of the brightest and newest companies that have interesting businesses. We are highlighting these for several reasons, either because they have intriguing products or services or because of their new or fresh approach to something thatís be done before. In the following post we look at five more interesting companies that have caught our discerning eyes.


Owners of dogs go to great lengths to ensure that their beloved petís have the right levels of nutrition in their diet. Trudog was founded after the ownerís dog, Truman, was diagnosed with terminal cancer at a very young age. She discovered after extensively researching what could cause such a young death in an otherwise healthy dog was that major dog food companies use lots of carcinogens in their recipes and provide little to no nutritional value. That is why she came up with her own selection of healthier options for dogs, and Trudog now is the number one anti-aging nutritional system of its kind for canines.


Homesnap is a company that provides a mobile platform for real estate brokerages and agents to give buyers direct access to properties available to buy. It gives users the same real-time and updated information that agents use, meaning that millions of people can use the exact same app that their real estate agent would use. Giving more choice and options to homeowners and buyers.

Digital Hyve

Digital Hyve is a specialist full-service agency that offers digital marketing with a difference. Its goal is to employ outside of the box strategies and high-tech solutions to increase its clientís branding and awareness with highly effective and measurable results. It was placed at 52nd in the fastest growing company in the country list and features a team of hardworking and incredibly talented digital marketers who always put the client first. Hyve is also more than just an interesting way of spelling hive, itís the Finnish word that means virtue. This part of the name is supposed to serve as a reminder that client satisfaction and integrity are the core tenets of all they do.

Argus Merchant Services

Argus Merchant services is a company that provides truly flexible debit card and credit card payment processing platforms that are suitable for businesses in the hospitality, restaurant and retail industries. Their goal was to help save companies from the money-grabbing payment processors that are currently used by removing those hidden fees and costly markups from the picture. They supply payment processing with a true cost and offer a wholly transparent system that does not hide anything from its clients.

Project X

Project X is a media buying service for in-transit and billboard ads. The idea is to bring the brands of its clientís stories to life in a physical and tangible way using its industry-leading tech platform to launch its ad campaigns. They have marketers who have access to all formats of OOH inventory, whether its traditional or digital throughout the country. These individuals will guide the full process from planning centered on the target audience through to production and then the proof of posting, making sure that each client gets the same successful and seamless service.