Top 5 Interesting Startups You need To Watch For in 2019 Announced By DotCom Magazine

As we head towards a more AI-centered world, there is no better time than now for tech startups to really make their mark in the business world. Many startups know that robots and AI are the future and are doing their best to make the most of new developments. In the following post DotCom Magazine present our pick of five of the most interesting startups you should be keeping an eye on during 2019.


With funding of just $30,000, Botsify is an intriguing startup that focuses on making the process involved in the design and creation of chatbots easy. The company’s platform has an automated chatbot creation process for Facebook. This allows any individual or company to build their own basic and fully functioning bot with just a couple of clicks. No code is necessary, as this is all handled for them. They get to choose their own questions and give the bot the commands that will meet the company’s needs. Businesses can design and create as many bots as they need that are all fully customizable.


Ever wished you could speak to just about anyone in the world, regardless of whether you spoke their language or not? That seemingly impossible wish is now possible with Travis. Travis is an AI bot that can translate nearly 80 different languages. Conducting business, networking, making friends and even finding love with people around the world is easier thanks to this startup.

Five AI

Five AI, with funding of around $37.7m is looking to instigate changes in cities across Europe with driverless, safer cars. The startup has been collecting data over the period of about 10 months regarding road users’ behavior to develop its tech more effectively. It is aimed at people who drive cars during their day-to-day commute and has started trialing in the UK with the aim to trial cars with supervision to large busy freeways during 2019.


Highspot has already been considered one of the top startups of the year by many experts. It was the recipient of $35m funding and if you are interested in the world of sales engagement, this is the business you should be looking at most closely. OpenView VC provided their funding and their services are already being used by huge corporations like Siemens, Dropbox and Twitter. At present, the company has more than 90% users who utilize their services regularly and can offer support to customers throughout 125 different countries.


Front may only be five years old, but this startup is already pushing changes in the way teams’ function. The thing the company is most well-known for is creating a platform with a shared-inbox that enables teams to manage incoming messages in a very smooth and seamless fashion. It combines messages from four different channels, including social media, Slack, text messaging and email. All in one place. That is very much the reason why we felt we couldn’t avoid mentioning it here.