Five Best Android Apps For 2019 Announced By DotCom Magazine

If you are a member of the other team and use an Android device, there are thousands and thousands of great apps available. So many though, that at times, it can be a little overwhelming. If you are struggling to find those perfectly simple and elegant apps that can make your life 100 times easier, let us help you out. At DotCom Magazine we have put together a guide to our five favorite Android apps. Hopefully this guide will help you find some gems you didn’t know about or remind you of old favorites you’ve long forgotten about.


Runtastic is companion app for runners that offers a simplistic approach without scrimping on the features. It utilizes the sensors in your smartphone to track various metrics, including pace as well as distance covered, heart rate and calories burned. You can also benefit from a few additional special features such as the workout diary and 3D mapping.

Google Docs

When you combine this with another Google app, Google Drive, Docs is perfect for collaborating with your team. After creating a document, for instance, you can share it with people and give them permission to edit it, but you can also create further documents and all work on them in real time. Drive, Docs and even Sheets all work well together and give you a full office suite of software, on the go, wherever you are.

Google Translate

Google’s own amazing translation service app is the perfect companion when you are travelling. Over the years this has been transformed from a relatively simple app to one that is more sophisticated and packed full of features. Just scratching the surface, you can use it to translate both text and speech in over 70 different languages. You can even use it to allow you to have two-way conversations with someone speaking a different language and to understand menus and signs in a foreign country.

Remote Fingerprint Unlock

Securing your phone using a fingerprint sensor is easy. It also means you can unlock your phone very quickly. Imagine you could do the same with your computer – use your fingerprint to unlock it. With Remote Fingerprint Unlock, an impressive app, you can. Okay, so you need to be using Windows computers and it will generally only work if your phone is using the same Wi-Fi network as the computer. If all that is good and well, then you can program it, so your phone unlocks your computer. You can even have it set to open up a number of different computers.

New York Times

One of the most iconic and hallowed printed and digital publications in America, just so happens to have a rather cool app. The app arranges the content available on the publication in a very clean, smooth and presentable manner. While it also gives you the ability to customize the newsfeed, so you only hear about the news stories that affect you or interest you.