Five Interesting Companies Making a Difference in Their Field Announced By DotCom Magazine

As always, DotCom Magazine has been carefully watching the business world for those companies that really stand out and deserve recognition. In the following post, therefore, we have put together a brief list of the five companies, whether they are new or have been in operation for some time, that are truly making a difference in their specific fields.


SwanLeap was founded by Brad Hollister who had spent time in his career working as a shipping consultant and freight broker so knew first-hand just how badly out of date the systems large retailers and manufacturers, we reusing to manage shipments. To help these companies save money and time, he started this new business, that utilizes AI to ensure each truckload, contain and individual package is sent out at the best rate available. These customized software integrations can help shoppers to have a better understanding of their supply chains. SwanLeap has reported that rather than its customers spending seven to eight figures on freights every year, they are saving around 26.7% thanks to the company.

GForce Life Sciences

Mark Gallagher is no stranger to building multi-million businesses, but his latest venture is GForce Life Sciences only started gaining traction until around two and half hours when the company began to really tighten its concentration on life sciences. During 2018 the business accumulated a revenue totally $17 million. The company has mastered the fine art of matchmaking for professionals. It pairs skilled workers with employers in the biotech, medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.

Diamond Assets

Diamond Assets guidance on trading up and buying Apple hardware to organizations to help them in maximizing the assets they have with regards to technology. Based in Milton in Wisconsin, it purchases Apple equipment that is out of date from businesses and schools and then refurbishes it and sells it using various distributors across the country. It also offers help to increase the value on buy-backs from purchases in the future. Mike McKenna, the CEO, came up with the idea while he worked as an Apple account executive.


Exabeam is a company that provides organizations with security management and intelligence solutions to help them protect the most valuable information and data they hold. It combines their data lake with unlimited levels of data collection at an affordable price that can be predicted and utilizer machine learning with an aim to offer more advanced analytics. Along with automated incident responses they have been able to produce an effective and efficient integrated range of products.


THINX is a company that has been working hard to break the taboos surrounding female menstruation and periods since 2014. It was established by thee friends and manufactures special underwear that is made sustainably and ethically. They are reusable and washable and designed to absorb periods and are a kore sustainable option than the single-use disposable sanitary products available.

Regardless of what type of flow a woman has,