Top 5 Alternative and Indie Breakout Acts of 2019 Announced By DotCom Magazine

As the dust settles on 2018 and we head fully into 2019, itís time to start talking about the alternative and indie acts that you should be paying attention to over the coming months. Covering a wide spectrum of different musical genres, including folk, indie, punk and alternative, we will highlight those destined for big things.

Fever 333

Fever 333 first got everyone excited during 2018 with the release of their single Walking in My Shoes reaching the top 10 of the Mainstream Rock songs and that was followed up with Made an America and got a Grammy nomination for best rock performance. What sets them apart from many of the pretenders to the rock-rap crown that Rage Against the Machine holds is that they are talking about the issues that affect so many Americans and people across the world.


Pronoun has been causing ripples through the music world for some time now, but the singer-songwriter and producer from Brooklyn is set to light things up in 2019 with the release of her debut album. Songs about break-ups with a very charismatic, bright indie-pop sound that is undeniable. Think Tegan and Sara and Metric.


Based in London, Will Westerman, performing as Westerman has the voice of an angle. Comparisons to Arthur Russell and Nick Drake might sound weighty and OTT, but they are quite apt really. Thereís also a touch of James Blake and Bon Iver on his incredibly emotional and dreamy soundscapes. Heís already worked with Bullion, a produce from London who seems to know just the right synths and noises to showcase Willís voice best.

Wild Pink

If you have not heard NYCís own Wild Pink yet, it may be time that you should. Their music is like the kind of indie-rock that the War on Drugs produce, but focusing more on storytelling-style lyrics, poetry and alt-country thrown in here and there for good measure. The second album, that dropped in 2018 is one of the best albums of last year and there is talk of a third album dropping later this year. So, as far as Wild Pink is concerned, they are going to keep on keeping on.

J.S. Ondara

J.S. Ondara was born in Kenya and is now based in Minneapolis and has an exceptional singing voice, to say the very least. It has an incredible range that at one minute is hitting notes perfectly in the upper register and then transforms into the kind of croon that feels like honey to your ears. He is one of those singers that you just need to tune in and listen to really see what all the fuss is about. Weíre sure when you do, you will understand why there is so much buzz about him. His debut album has been released recently and is worth your attention. With his head firmly in the past, he takes a modern approach to Americana and the music of his idol, Bob Dylan.